Shanghai Electric Power won the title of Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction Example Group

A few days ago, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. won the title of “Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction Example Group”.

During the “11th Five Year Plan”, Shanghai Electric Power obeys to the CPI concept of “presenting the green energy and serving the social public” and fulfills its social responsibility better with the technological progress and innovation. In five years, Shanghai Electric Power has shut down 24 small units, with the capacity reaching 1.9342 million kilowatts, which occupies 23% of capacity shut down by CPI in the same period. Under the careful operation and maintenance of many technical management and operating personnel of Shanghai Electric Power, the coal consumption, gas consumption and comprehensive power consumption rate of power units are declining year by year. Until the end of 2012, the average net coal consumption rate of Shanghai Electric Power is 291.48g/ Kilowatt hour.

Except for conducting the de-sulfuration, denitration and dust removal transformations of all coal-fired power generation units, Shanghai Electric Power is also the first power generation enterprise to launch PM2.5 governance and apply the pocket-type dust removal and west dust removal in China. In 2012, the emission reduction of smoke is 752 tons, declining for 17.2% on a year-on-year basis; the emission reduction of sulfur dioxide is 9305 tons, declining for 47.1% on a year-on-year basis; the emission reduction of nitric oxide is 13390 tons, declining for 29.9%. With this remarkable environmental protection effect, it obtained “2012 Green and Environmentally Unit of Chinese Economy”.  

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