CPI Shanghai Electric Power : the employees’ health is core

In July, the red warning signal of high temperature in Shanghai was frequently used, and the electrical load has refreshed the historic record for 8 times. In August, the temperature in Shanghai is still very high, and it may create the highest record.

Due to the high temperature, the continuous and safe operation of power generation enterprises are extremely important. As one of the largest power generation enterprises in Shanghai, CPI Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. has launched a people-oriented protracted fight against high temperature, and regarded the employee’s health as the core.

This Company requires all subordinate power plants and maintenance enterprises not to arrange the maintenance work at nightfall or in the evening to the greatest extent, ensures the normal running of air-conditioners in all central control rooms and team or group rest rooms, and guarantees the sufficient supply of salt soda water, sweet mung bean soup, towel, etc. Wang Yundan, Chairman of Company, is a carder of employees worrying a lot about the front line, and he participates in the production dispatching meeting and team or group meeting like an old squad leader. Other leaders of the Company also go among the ordinary people to ask for on-site information and solve the practical difficulties. Up to July 31st, Shanghai Electric Power has completed the generating capacity of 2.95 billion kilowatt hours, so as to provide the hot Shanghai with a kind of “cool and refreshing” feeling. (Gu Hongji)

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