Labor Daily: Shanghai Electric Power, Soaring from History to the Future.

-   Outline of CPI Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. winning the National May 1st Labor Certificate

“The scenes inside and outside the Shiliupu Bridge differ, the area outside the Small East Gate is very boisterous. There are countless jinrikishas gathering there, many drivers are soliciting customers along the road.” This piece of Zhuzhi poem has recorded the busy scene around Shiliupu of the Bund, after the port opening of Shanghai over 100 years ago.

Coincidentally, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., the subsidy of China Power Investment Group Company as one of the biggest power generation enterprises in Shanghai, is located on the 16th floor of Xinyuan Square Building, looking at multiple landmark buildings of Shanghai, such as Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center across the Huangpu River. When the lights are lasting, the shine radiated by the infinity sign on the roof of China Power Investment Group Company and the bright neon lights across the Huangpu River are enhancing each other's beauty. Coincidentally, both China’s history of electricity and the first arc light shining on the Garden Bridge of Shanghai over 100 years ago are related to Shanghai Electric Power today. Both the first power plant founded by Chinese in Shanghai and the biggest power plant in Far East in 1930s were once the power plants under the command of Shanghai Electric Power.

In this year, when Shanghai Electric Power collected the ideas of enterprise spirit plans, the plan of “Inheritance, Innovation and Excellence” was standing out of multiple alternative plans. Shanghai Electric Power, a company labeled with “Shanghai”, showing that its unknown melody is contained in the 100-year history of Shanghai; a company, labeled with “electric power”, is providing continuous driving force for the socioeconomic development of Shanghai at each historical phase; the three words just look like a piece of heavy vane of a turbine, talking about the prolife, this life and future of Shanghai Electric Power; you may not know it, but each kilowatt hour of power and each calorie of power it generates are related to each Shanghai resident. And this is Shanghai Electric Power, the most important public power company in East China area, invested by China Power Investment Group, one of the five biggest power groups in China.

 1. Inheritance, The Inseparable 100-Year Affection

All the distinguished guests at home and abroad who have visited the showroom of Shanghai Electric Power are impressed by the long history and rich accumulation of Shanghai Electric Power, demonstrated by pieces of edicts issued by the county magistrate of Shanghai in the Qing Dynasty over centuries ago, the corporate stocks issued several years ago, old pictures, equipments, instruments and nameplates,

If Shanghai is the source of China’s modern industry, then Shanghai Electric Power is providing with light and heat for each step of development in this city, and witnessing the technology development of power industry during the long progress of history, composing a piece of symphony for the workers of Shanghai Electric Power, and even the development of China power industry. Since the establishment of China, the first dual internal water cooled generator in the world and the first computer programmable generator in China were put into operation in Nanshi Power Plant. Yangshupu Power Plant, honored as the “cradle of China’s power industry”, has transported countless talents specialized in power industry to the nation; the establishment of Wujing Thermal Power Plant and Minhang Power Plant have injected powerful incentive for the socialist construction of China and socioeconomic development of Shanghai.

 However, along with the technology advancement and social development, those ambitious plants with 100-year history, which have created numerous glories, have been shut down due to multiple reasons, such as low capacity and old equipments, becoming the first batch of dedicators of the policy of “developing large units and suppressing small ones” implemented by the power industry of Shanghai. During the period of the “11th-Five-Year-Plan”, there were 24 sets of low-capacity units of Shanghai Electric Power being closed, accounting for 80% of the total units being shut down in the whole city, with over 6,000 officers and workers involved! There were so many employees looking at their beloved plants and familiar equipments being removed with tears in their eyes; and there were so many employees going to strange enterprises from their familiar posts in the past. In the past decade, during the process of “developing large units and suppressing small ones and reposition of redundant personnel”, Shanghai Electric Power has made a solemn promise that it will never push any of its employees to the society”; those workers with the DNA of 100-year Shanghai Electric Power have returned back to the enterprise and society impressively-they put the interests of the company above everything else; they are obedient to the arrangement of the company without regret; there is no individual employee or employee group who apply for an audience with the higher authorities to appeal for help; all the employees have been repositioned stably and distinguished themselves gloriously in their new enterprises and on the new posts.

 2.  Innovation, The Dedication-and-innovation-driven New Shanghai

If Shanghai Electric Power, such a company with long history and redundant employees, wants to “vacate cage to change bird” in the fierce market competition, it has to establish the completed modern management system and create a team of employees with first-class comprehensive quality, it has to depend on reform and innovation to realize the development balancing power quality and profit; otherwise, there is no way to preserve or increase the value of state-owned assets, ensure the investment interests of shareholders and public investors and maintain the stable team of over 8,000 on-the-job employees and over 5,000 retired employees.

 Under the support and guidance of Shanghai municipal Party Committee, Shanghai Municipal Government and related departments, Shanghai Electric Power, through “developing large units and suppressing small ones”, has developed from a company with an installed capacity as 1.407 million kilowatt at the beginning of its establishment into a company with an installed capacity as 5.759 million kilowatt (installed capacity attributed to the equity of Shanghai Electric Power), with a batch of ultra-supercritical million-class units, 600,000-class units and F-class gas turbines becoming the main force of Shanghai Electric Power.

 The upgrading of “hardware” is the basis for an enterprise to thoroughly change itself; and there is no way for Shanghai Electric Power to truly “vacate cage to change bird” if its “software” is not upgraded and updated. In the recent 2 years, Shanghai Electric Power has been committing itself to establishing the modern management system, involving all of its traditional management into a whole set of mutually supported modern management system. Today, Shanghai Electric Power has established and applied a management system with EVA performance management and KPI performance assessment as its core, established the BPR system to do the right things in a correct way, established the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standard system and involve them into the ERP information system; this system has given full play to the potential of the company and employees. In 2012, Shanghai Electric Power has overcome the adverse influences brought about by the macro-economic downturn and power delivered from other areas, achieving a recorded growth in terms of profit and net profit on a year-on-year basis, through active exploration and deep extension. It has maintained a unprecedented level of net assets income rate, EVA ratio and asset-liability ratio, with a historical low coal consumption and coal price with all the coals converted to standard coal used in power supply. Its credit rating has been ranked as AAA for the first time.

 As a central enterprise, Shanghai Electric Power, in the process of preserving and increasing the value of state-owned assets, has been constantly taking its social responsibility into consideration, implementing emission reduction of structure, project and management in a refined way; in 2012, it has input 400 million yuan of governance fund; finished the desulfuration reconstruction of 6 sets of 300,000-kilowatt coal-fired units; reduced its annual amount of smoke emission by 17.2% on a year-on-year basis; reduced its emission of sulfur dioxide by 47.1% on a year-on-year basis and reduced its nitric oxide by 29.9%, awarded as the 2012 Green and Environmental Protection Unit of China Economy.

It is worth of mentioning that Shanghai Electric Power, in order to construct a beautiful China and create Shanghai into an international cosmopolitan with “blue sky, clean water and green land”, has an overall plan for a fundamental transformation with a scientific attitude; it makes lots of attempts in the field of scientific innovation, embarking on a road “depending on technology innovation of reduce pollution and manage the haze, integrating governances of multiple pollutants by saving cost and investing in technology”; achieved groundbreaking technological results in scientific innovation ahead of other coal-fired power plants in China, including bag-type dust removal, wet dust removal and PM2.5 governance, raising high concerns of state-run news media, including CCTV and People’s Daily.

Development is the only for Shanghai Electric Power, such a traditional energy listed company basically relying on domestic resource, specialized in power generation, to realize transformation! After years of difficulties with burden on its shoulder continuously, Shanghai Electric Power is gradually drawing the outline of a company balancing clean and efficient energy application and new energy development as the most asset operation platform of the group company in China, and taking the upstream-downstream industries and power plant service industry as well as the markets at home and aboard into consideration.

 Due to its diversified development, Shanghai Electric Power has created the joint venture mode of coal and electricity production in the true sense-“Huaihu Mode”, proactively explored the IGCC technology for clean coal power generation, and started the construction of distributed energy supply project substantially. In terms of the construction of new energy power generation particularly, Shanghai Electric Power owned a wind power plant (with an installed capacity as 11,000 kilowatt) at the earliest; today, it boasts wind and solar power plants in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Shandong, and it is expected to have an installed capacity of reproducible energy as high as 1 million kilowatt by the end of the 12th-Five-Year-Plan on the basis of the installed capacity of the 11th-Five-Year-Plan. In the overseas market, Shanghai Electric Power has joined hands with related enterprises by virtue of its independent intellectual properties, launching coal mining, power plant operation and new energy investment projects in seven countries, including Australia, India and Iraq.

 Within Shanghai Electric Power, the “Three-Spirit” of “hardworking, using every means and thousands of words” has become the extensive understanding of its officers and workers to “increase profit, accelerate development and promote harmony”; and this spirit has been highly praised by Yu Zhengsheng, former Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, who described it as a “healthy atmosphere”, and been fully confirmed by other major leaders of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government. While letting its employees enjoy its development results, Shanghai Electric Power has provided with a fair and justice stage for employees pursuing the development of the company and themselves; it has established a “double career channel”, through which ambitious people can be provided with opportunities, stage, good treatment and position, making it become common practice.

 3.   Excellence, Realizing the Dream of Becoming a World-class Power Enterprise

Today, Shanghai Electric Power, inheriting the historical spirit of ceaseless self-improvement, has marching toward its farer and higher dream-“establishing itself into a world-class energy enterprise”.

Domestically, in Huainan, Anhu; Tiantaishan, Zhejian and Wusu, Xinjiang, there are workers of Shanghai Electric Power and local employees working hard everywhere; overseas, by the riverside of the remote Tigris, triumphant news keeps pouring in from the Farthest Power Plant, co-constructed by Shanghai Electric Power, which provides with 2/3 power supply for Iraq which suffer from the war. Officers and workers of Shanghai Electric Power express their thinking of mother land and relatives by holding the national flag ceremony in Iraq far away from their relatives. In the thick primitive forest in Indonesia, officers and workers of Shanghai Electric Power who are suffering from insect bites under the blazing sun for quite a long time silently on the backland of East Africa, have interpreted the manner of Shanghai Electric Power in pursuing excellence thoroughly.

“There are countless waves of onrush and overfall in the river constantly”, this piece of lyrics in the song of “Shanghai Bund” seems to be able to interpret the persistent spirit of Shanghai Electric Power as “never fearing difficulties but setting up ambitious target”. From the arc lamp shining frail light on the Garden Bridge of Shanghai in those days to the huge power plants along the bank of Yangtze Estuary and Hangzhou Bay, Shanghai Electric Power has strung a scroll of history over 100 years with the shining lights, glowing heat and powerful force; in this history, there are ups and downs, twists and turns as well as passion and exaltation, able to inspire readers to advance bravely!

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