Wujing Thermal Power Plant Holds Mobilization Meeting on Lean Management Improvement

  On April 20, 2015, Wujing Thermal Power Plant held a mobilization meeting on lean management improvement at its conference room, to deploy upcoming lean management tasks, with an aim to implement SEP’s requirement to comprehensively promote lean management work, further strengthen management foundation and improve management level. The top leaders and heads of various departments were present at the meeting.

  Zhao Zhengqing, deputy Party secretary of the plant, conveyed the main points of SEP’s lean management improvement mobilization meeting as well as the working rules, and required all departments to follow them strictly.

  Wu Decai, GM of the plant, noted that SEP planned to take three years, which is quite a long period, to fully develop lean management improvement activities, and various management departments and workshops should pay high attention to it. He required all departments to make the action plan for lean management improvement and appoint a contact person reporting the relevant work to SEP twice monthly from May.

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