Shanghai Electric Power contracted operation from the overseas power station to promote the administration of operation and maintenance in an unified way


Source: Shanghai Electric Power    Writer:    Date: Apr. 17th, 2013

Recently, Shanghai Electric Power signed the operation and maintenance contract of Iraq WASSIT Phase-I 4×330MW fuel oil (gas) power unit with Shanghai Electric, which is a good practice for Shanghai Electric Power to transform to operate and maintain the whole-machine power plant from undertaking the operation management of overseas power stations.

Shanghai Electric Group takes overall responsibility of Iraq WASSIT project, which applies the equipment of Shanghai Electric Group. From Jun. 11th, 2012, this company began to cooperate with Shanghai Electric to participate in the operation and management work of Iraq WASSIT power plant. Through the joint efforts of both parties, the first unit was connected to the power grid and could operate at full load successfully; this unit entered the stage of reliable operation from Mar. 6th this year formally.

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