SEP Holds 2021 Mid-year Work Conference

SEP held the 2021 mid-year work conference and a special seminar for the main leaders of the company system recently, in order to study and implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the grand gathering marking the centenary of the CPC in an in-depth manner, carry out the spirit of SPIC mid-year enlarged Party leadership group conference in 2021 seriously, summarize the work of the first half of the year, study and deploy the tasks for the second half of the year, and build a new pattern of high-quality development.

SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Jiandong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy Party Secretary and President Wei Juliang conveyed the spirit of SPIC 2021 mid-year enlarged Party leadership group conference and gave a speech. Zeng Xuefeng, Executive Deputy Head of SPIC Yangtze River Basin Hydrogen Energy and Clean Energy Comprehensive Utilization Promotion Workgroup,  was invited to attend the meeting. SEP Party Committee Members and Deputy Presidents Huang Chen, Xia Meixing and Zhai Deshuang, Party Committee Member, Deputy President and Chief Accountant Chen Wenhao, Party Committee Member and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee Li E, and Party Committee Member and Deputy President Li Feng attended the meeting and made speeches. Chief Director Shen Rulang was also present at the meeting.

Hu Jiandong pointed out that since the first half of 2021, various key tasks of the company have been completed effectively, and the phased goal for H1 has been attained, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the annual work. Through two and a half days of meetings and structured discussions, the meeting participants unified their minds, opened up their ways of thinking, expanded their consensus and thus achieved good results. In the future, the company will organize more structured seminars to form a healthy culture of brainstorming and pooling collective wisdom and make "working with the attitude of learning" become an atmosphere and habit.

Hu Jiandong stressed that SEP will accelerate the construction of a new pattern of high-quality development looking to the future. First, the question of "what kind of SEP is it that we want to build" must be answered properly. The company should firmly grasp the important features of the new round of transformation and upgrading, follow the deployment of SPIC Party Leadership Group, build a new runway, enhance new values, stimulate new vitality, foster new momentum, give play to new advantages, and blaze a new journey of high-quality development of SEP. Regarding the strategic goal, the company will adhere to the direction of "ecological priority and green development", further deepen the market development in Shanghai, continue to be based in the Yangtze River Delta region and East China, face the Yangtze River Economic Belt, radiate the whole country and steadily develop the overseas market. In terms of the vision, the company will strengthen its view of overall situation, broaden its horizon, open up its mind, find a new position, establish new mechanisms, cultivate new capabilities, build a grand pattern, enlarge its circle of friends, form a big synergy, and strive for high-quality development together with its partners. In the aspect of management pattern, the company should continue to optimize the corporate governance system, insist on taking the province as the entity and as a whole, adhere to in-depth market development in Shanghai and optimizing overseas market, and enhance external collaboration. Second, cultivate the core capacity to adapt to the new strategy and new pattern, and strengthen and improve six major capabilities, namely, innovation-driven capability, strategic management capability, opening-up and synergy capability, capital operation capability, brand operation capability, and self-management capability. Third, seize the principal contradiction, increase the overall enterprise value, keep a close eye on the key indicators, strive to improve the ROE, focus on the prominent problems, carry out comprehensive improvement, highlight performance-oriented approach and strengthen assessment and incentive.

Wei Juliang delivered a speech titled "adhere to 'one highlights and two strengthens', and go all out to ensure completion of annual goals and tasks", reviewing the production and operation situation in the first half of the year, analyzing the current situation and existing problems, deploying the major tasks for the second half of the year as follows: first, comprehensively promote work safety management improvement, ensure zero occurrence of accident, insist on safety first, push forward the implementation of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict punishment", deepen the construction of double prevention mechanism, prevent risks from becoming hidden dangers, avoid hidden dangers from turning into accidents, strictly control unplanned outages and unplanned load reductions, strictly prevent the occurrence of accidents, comprehensively reinforce the equalization management of contractors, continue to carry out benchmarking and looking for gaps, and promote the overall progress of the company's production safety management; second, stick to the original goal with stronger measures to ensure the completion of the annual operational performance target; third, promote point-to-area and whole staff development, and ensure the completion of the goal for the proportion of clean energy; fourth, improve the cadre team construction, and mobilize the enthusiasm and vitality of the cadres at various levels to the greatest possible extent; fifth, concentrate on fostering the core competitiveness of the company, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable high-quality development.

The company's Party leadership team member gave speeches on their respective work in charge. The representatives from Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Planning and Finance Department, Strategy and Management Department, Development Department and Corporate Culture Department also made speeches on the related themes.

At the meeting, nine research groups consisting of the company leaders and the main persons in charge of various departments and affiliated companies conducted structured discussions around a public theme and a designated theme, along with the release, comments and evaluation of the research results. In addition, all the participants listened to a vivid lecture.

The company's deputy chief engineer and deputy chief economists, heads of various departments, and main leaders of various affiliated companies including the industry management centers participated in the meeting at the main venue. The leaders of various affiliated companies and regional companies as well as the cadres assigned outside joined in the meeting at the branch venues.

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