Qian Zhimin, Wang Yundan Inspect Shanghai Zhangjiang AI Gallery

On the afternoon of November 29, 2019, SPIC Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group Qian Zhimin, accompanied by SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, went to the AI gallery located at Zhangjiang Science City of Shanghai, learned about the AI development history, smart technology and smart application, and visited the "future smart city" gallery especially.



With the explanation by Envision Energy CEO Zhang Lei, Qian Zhimin conducted an in-depth research on the application scenarios of "smart green energy", "smart city application system" and related AI technologies in the smart city. Both sides held profound exchanges in promoting smart technologies, international development, integrated smart energy, offshore wind power, energy storage, etc., and reached a consensus on preliminary strategic cooperation.



SPIC Chief Science, Technology and R&D Officer and Director of Science, Technology and Innovation Department Fan Jihong, SPIC Integrated Smart Energy Industry Development and Innovation Coordination and Guidance Committee Director Chen Guanwen, and related persons in charge of SPIC General Office, SEP, SNPDRI and Zhongneng Integrated Smart Energy Technology joined in the research and symposium.

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