Wang Huaiming Inspects Luojing Power Plant Under Summer Heat

On July 24, 2019, SEP Deputy Party Secretary and President Wang Huaiming went to Luojing Power Plant to conduct a safety inspection, and visited frontline staff sticking to their posts despite the scorching heat on behalf of SEP Party Committee.



Wang Huaiming arrived at the operation central control room and chemical water treatment operation shift team, inquired about the latest development of power supply guarantee during the summer peak period, flood and typhoon prevention, and popularization of successful experience in contractor safety management and shift team safety construction, and conducted careful examination on the shift team account, work tickets and other fundamental work. He expressed thanks to the frontline workers sticking to their posts on behalf of SEP, shook hands and held cordial talks with them, and presented gifts to them.



Wang Huaiming affirmed Luojing Power Plant for the contributions made to Hami Gas-fired Power Generation and other related outward-aid projects, and put forward a few requirements for the next-step work of the power plant as follows: first, solve the staffing problem properly, and with a view to frequent start and stop of the units during the summer peak period, ensure the completeness of main posts of each shift team and ordinary operation of work in shifts; second, continue to refine and improve the measures against high temperature-related emergencies during the summer peak period, implement labor protection measures under high-temperature weather strictly, and the labor union should carry out the caring work for the staff; third, complete flood and typhoon prevention centered on rainstorm protection, further enhance equipment maintenance on the production site, check the start and operation situation of the contingency plan in a timely manner, find the problems and correct them timely; fourth, promote and execute the successful experience in contractor safety management and shift team safety construction actively, further consolidate contractor management and shift team fundamental management, and endeavor to produce more successful experience; fifth, enhance power plant operation work, improve management of internal equipment and operation, and meanwhile strengthen coordination and communication with the government departments and power grid enterprises to strive for understanding and support.


The related leaders of SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Corporate Culture Department and Luojing Power Plant accompanied Wang Huaiming on the inspection trip.

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