SEP Holds Women Employees Committee, Outstanding Female Staff Representatives Forum

On March 22, 2019, SEP held a forum on women employees committee and outstanding female staff representatives at the company headquarters. SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai attended the forum and made speeches.



Wang Yundan fully affirmed women employees for their long-term careful, sincere and innovative work, and emphasized their indispensable importance to the enterprise. He asked the company's labor union and women employees committee to safeguard the interests of women employees, solve their problems effectively, and improve female staff's sense of gain and satisfaction unremittingly. He also hoped women employees could set up their own goals according to the company's central work, strive to become versatile talent, create value for the company and themselves, demonstrate women's ambition, strength and glamour, have fun at work and live a happy life.



Gu Ai expressed thanks to all the women employees for their hard work. He noted that the company will collect and study the suggestions and advice put forward by the staff carefully, turn them into specific action items of labor union and women employees committee in the future, build various platforms for female staff and bring them with more happiness, value and development space.



The forum reviewed the work for women employees and related achievements made in recent years. Six outstanding female staff representatives gave speeches, and the company's women employees committee members and the women employees directors from various affiliated companies shared their respective experience and practices of female staff work, with suggestions on the work of women employees committee.


SEP's women employees committee members, women employees directors and outstanding female staff representatives from various affiliated companies and head of SEP Corporate Culture Department participated in the forum.

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