SEP Holds Q1 Safety Production Committee Meeting in 2019

On January 7, SEP held the Safety Production Committee Meeting for the first quarter of 2019. Wang Yundan, Chairman, Party Secretary and Director of Safety Production Committee presided over the meeting. President, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of Safety Production Committee Wang Huaiming, and Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong and Huang Chen attended the meeting.



Wang Yundan praised the achievements made in safety production work last year, and raised a few requirements for work safety in 2019 as follows: firstly, stick to the main line of implementing SPIC's strategy for the new era, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of quality, safety and environmental protection management; secondly, adhere to the requirement for high-quality development, and conduct quality, safety and environmental protection work solidly and meticulously.


Wang called on various departments and subordinated companies to follow the arrangement of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, National Energy Administration, other related government departments and SPIC, execute their own responsibilities and measures, and guarantee safety production work at the turn of the year and during the Spring Festival, in order to make a good start for various fields of work in 2019.



Wang Huaiming noted that all levels of leaders should avoid carelessness and neglect of duty at work in 2019, pay special attention to work safety, continue to execute safety production responsibility system, consolidate the basis of work safety assiduously, improve QHSE management system construction, carry out patrol supervision and safety inspection by leaders, urge all levels of personnel to perform their own safety duties properly, stick to anti-violations of regulations and troubleshooting of hidden dangers, strengthen early-warning mechanism building, increase ability to handle emergencies, reinforce shift team and safety team construction, attach importance to ecological environmental protection, find problems and eliminate defects in a timely manner, and accomplish the quality, safety and environmental protection work for 2019 earnestly.



At the meeting, all the participants studied the requirements for safety production work in the recent period by the Work Safety Committee Office of the State Council, the SASAC, National Energy Administration, other related government departments and SPIC, reviewed and passed the report on the company's work safety situation in 2018, work safety goals and major tasks for 2019 delivered by Guo Baohong, and the report on the selection of advanced groups and individuals in safety and environmental protection in 2018 as well as the adjustment of Safety Production Committee members delivered by Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department.


SEP General Counsel Wu Ming, Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng, leaders of various departments and other members of the company's Safety Production Committee participated in the meeting.

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