Wang Yundan Inspects SPIC Zhejiang New Energy

On December 28, 2018, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan, Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai, Deputy President Guo Baohong, CFO Chen Wenhao and Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Li E went to SPIC Zhejiang New Energy Co., Ltd. to conduct a research together with a delegation.



SPIC Zhejiang New Energy President Fu Liping and Deputy President Huang Chuanan gave a detailed introduction to the operation situation of the company in 2018 and key work in 2019 to Wang Yundan and his delegation, and made a comprehensive analysis on the company's development orientation.



Wang Yundan expressed welcome to SPIC Zhejiang New Energy for joining the "big family" of SEP, hoping that both sides will strengthen exchanges, learn from each other, share experience and resources, and realize the objective of coordinated development through integration and sharing.



Related leaders of various departments and affiliated companies of SPIC Zhejiang New Energy, SEP Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng, and relevant leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Capital Markets and Investor Relations Department, Policy and Legal Affairs Department, International Business Department, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and Corporate Culture Department joined in the meeting.

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