Wang Yundan Meets SPIC Logistics, SPIC Nei Mongol Energy leaders

On the afternoon of December 24, 2018, SPIC Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan met with SPIC Logistics Co., Ltd. Party Secretary and Executive Director Zhou Yaozong, President and Deputy Party Secretary Li Haiyu, SPIC Nei Mongol Energy Co., Ltd. President and Deputy Party Secretary Liu Jianping and their delegation.



Wang Yundan expressed warm welcome to the visit of SPIC Logistics and SPIC Nei Mongol Energy leaders and their delegation, showed them around the company's showroom on the 31st floor of the headquarters building, and introduced the company's history and development planning, focusing on the renewable energy development and overseas projects.



At the meeting, SEP fully communicated and exchanged views with SPIC Logistics and SPIC Nei Mongol Energy on the water transport of lignite provided by SPIC Nei Mongol Energy in 2019. Wang Yundan raised a few suggestions on the waterway transportation of lignite as follows: first, ensure balanced shipping of lignite; second, refer to the annual coal contract signed between Shenhua Group and major power generation groups and relatively decrease the lignite price, or take Indonesian lignite price index into consideration; third, deliver lignite at FOB price and use SEP ocean vessels as the carrier. In addition, SPIC Logistics made a brief introduction to the situation of railway transport capacity and Jinzhou Port, and SPIC Nei Mongol Energy introduced the coal mines located in Huolinhe and Baiyinhua as well as their respective coal production.


The related personnel in SEP Production Department, Fuel Management Department and SEP Fuel Co., Ltd. participated in the meeting.

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