SPIC Vice President Liu Xiangmin Inspects SEP

On December 7, 2018, SPIC Party Leadership Group Member and Vice President Liu Xiangmin conducted an inspection on SEP Green Energy and Waigaoqiao Power Plant. Deputy Director of SPIC Party Leadership Group Inspection Office Li Yuyang, Division Head of Inspection Office Xuanyuan Xuewen, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xia Meixing participated in the inspection.



Liu Xiangmin and his delegation visited the exhibition hall on Qiantan natural gas distributed energy project at SEP Green Energy, listened to the report on the project situation, inspected the central control center, CCHP equipment in operation and gas turbine under installation, learned about the technical route, energy supply and operation mode of the project in detail, and discussed the advantages of CCHP system in particular. During his inspection, Liu expressed that distributed energy supply has good development prospect, and called on SEP Green Energy to further enhance business model innovation and customer service.



At Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Liu and his delegation listened to the report on biomass coupled power generation technological upgrading project by the power plant, visited the biomass direct-fired power generation pilot test project and biomass boiler construction site at Unit 2 boiler of the power plant, and acquired a detailed understanding of the technical route, general layout plan, equipment selection, biomass unloading procedure, pollutant discharge data, etc. of the project. Liu highly affirmed Waigaoqiao Power Plant for taking the initiative to consider transformation and upgrading for the old power plant and practicing innovation and exploration actively, and also required the power plant to explore the technological innovation, management innovation and model innovation for coal-fired power plant positively in the following work, build itself into a public utility indispensable for the city's operation, and set a good example for the other old power plants within SPIC to transform themselves.   


SPIC Party Leadership Group Inspection Office, General Office, and leaders of related SEP departments and affiliated companies joined in the inspection.

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