Wang Huaiming Inspects SEP New Energy Baoying PV Pioneer Project

On November 15, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming led a team to the 100 MW fishery-PV hybrid project under Baoying PV Pioneer Project developed by SEP New Energy to conduct a safety inspection and guide the work.


Wang Huaiming and his delegation headed to the booster station and PV array zone at first, inquired about the construction scheme, construction progress and safety measures of the project carefully, and urged the on-site construction personnel to keep safety in mind and maintain good working state.



Subsequently, Wang Huaiming listened to the report by SEP New Energy, construction and supervision companies at the meeting room. He affirmed SEP New Energy for organizational management, safety precautions and project progress, and raised a few requirements for the next-step work as follows:


First, put safety as a top priority, and the project owner, EPC contractor and supervision company should all do their bit.


Second, ensure the project quality, complete the acceptance inspection on module materials and equipment, and meanwhile guarantee construction and installation quality.


Third, coordinate with various parties, overcome those unfavorable factors which influence the construction schedule, and finish the project construction as scheduled.


In addition, Wang Huaiming and his delegation paid visits to the leaders of Baoying county Party committee, county government and Yangzhou Power Supply Company, in order to push forward the project construction.


The leaders of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and SEP New Energy participated in the event.

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