Wang Huaiming Inspects Caojing Power Plant for CIIE Preparation

On October 25, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming led a team to Caojing Power Plant to conduct a special inspection for the upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE).


At the meeting room, the power plant general manager Li Feng made a report on the guarantee work for CIIE involving related measures execution relating to production safety, air quality, information safety, security work, contingency plans, production supplies, etc. Having listened to the report, Wang Huaiming asked the power plant to further improve ideological understanding and working mindset, regard the guarantee work for CIIE as the top priority at present, and implement various requirements from relevant government departments and SEP on CIIE security work solidly as follows: firstly, carry out re-examination and re-execution on power supply guarantee work for CIIE, make rectification on problems discovered within a prescribed time limit, and ensure that there are no dead angles and no hidden dangers; secondly, on the basis of not affecting safe operation of the units, attempt to minimize field hazardous operation, reserve various production materials in advance, continue to improve existing emergency mechanism, and guarantee the power plant's steady operation during CIIE; thirdly, strengthen security forces allocation, keep strict control on non-production personnel and vehicles entering the production area during the power supply safeguard period, and intensify management and control of field production staff; fourthly, conduct external physical isolation on operation control system with no loopholes and back doors left, and reinforce network information security practically; fifthly, execute the duty system of leaders taking shift strictly, and all levels of leaders should stick to their posts, give guidance at the front, and encourage whole-staff participation, in order to complete the CIIE guarantee work successfully.



Subsequently, Wang Huaiming and his delegation headed to the production site of the power plant, checked the ash silos, ammonia zone, gypsum room, circular coal yard, etc., and conducted field supervision on the materials reserves such as coal, ash, gypsum and liquid ammonia as well as emergency measures implementation for CIIE.


The related leaders of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Production Department and the power plant joined in the inspection.

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