Qian Zhimin Calls for Strategy Implementation with Ten Times Effort

On October 23, 2018, the third enlarged Party leadership group meeting of SPIC in 2018 was held at the company headquarters in Beijing. SPIC Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group Qian Zhimin stressed all should implement the spirit of the important speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National SOE Party Construction Conference, complete the implementation of SPIC strategy with ten times the effort, and assist in realizing the goal of building a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness.



Qian noted that it is the most important working theme for the Party leadership group to promote the implementation of SPIC's strategy. As SPIC mid-year enlarged Party leadership group conference has already clarified the development direction, goal and path of its strategy, and only the strategy is put into action could ensure the realization of various targets.


He emphasized that the company should strengthen strategic management and control, converge elements and resources effectively, intensify strategic research, build strategic think tank, implement strategic measures, accomplish strategic assessment, and form a complete strategic support system. Also, it should enhance planning formulation, center on the strategic direction, coordinate overall and specialized planning, base on the actual situation of industries and sectors, focus on work details, pay attention to planning decomposition, and guarantee effective execution. Besides, the company should build a scientific and strict "plan-budget-appraisal-incentive" closed-loop management system, improve planning advancement, increase working efficiency, realize budget accuracy and rigid implementation, perfect responsibility system assessment method, reinforce the science and effectiveness of evaluation, study the formulation of multi-level incentive policy with differentiated assessment on enterprise, department and individual, and mobilize the initiative and creativity of all staff to the utmost extent.


Qian pointed out that the key to the strategy implementation is to solidify organizational system guarantee and major industry layout. In order to enhance first-class headquarters construction, the company should firstly find its correct position, clarify the department responsibility and interface, pinpoint the job responsibility, push forward the standardized preparation of job description and carry out evaluation, secondly regulate operation, complete improvement of management regulations, optimize working process, improve feasibility and practicability of regulations, build up self-perfection mechanism, develop a virtuous cycle of corporate operation, and thirdly create value, enhance performance appraisal system, conduct scientific assessment on the value created by cadres and staff, encourage rationalization proposal, and form long-term mechanism. He highlighted that the most direct demonstration to examine the effect of strategic implementation is accomplishing major industry layout. Focus on the innovation and upgrading of nuclear power, photovoltaic, offshore wind power, hydrogen power, integrated smart energy, clean and smart thermal power, etc., make greater efforts to complete a batch of major programs, key engineering projects and critical technologies, and lay a solid foundation for building a world-class clean energy enterprise.


Deployment requires greater efforts for implementation. Qian required main leaders of SPIC departments and various affiliated companies to execute mobilization, deployment, examination and implementation in person, convey the meeting spirit from top to bottom timely and accurately, complete strategic docking, and shoulder the responsibility of planning implementation earnestly. SPIC leadership group members and other senior management personnel should strengthen communication with those departments and affiliated companies under their supervision, track, urge and instruct the planning formulation and execution work in a timely manner. And relevant departments of SPIC should intensify supervision and inspection on strategic implementation and key task execution situation, follow up the implementation progress duly, discover advanced experience and carry out model promotion.



SPIC Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Board Director Jiang Yi, Party Leadership Group Member, Vice President and Chief Accountant Yang Ya, Party Leadership Group Members and Vice Presidents Shi Jialin, Wei Suo, Liu Xiangmin and Xia Zhong, Party Leadership Group Member and Chief of Discipline Inspection Group Xie Jun, and Assistant President Wang Shudong delivered speeches on the subjects of human resource strategy, tough battle on "deleveraging and reducing liabilities", strategy and planning implementation, professional and regional management optimization and adjustment, science and technology innovation system optimization, large clean energy base project construction, Party construction and anti-graft work, and three major battles relating to thermal power industry.


A total of 120 people, including assistant president, chief engineer, chief economist, chief officers in charge of difference sectors, various department leaders, expert committee members, inspection team leader, external directors and supervisors, and main leaders of various subsidiaries, participated in the meeting.

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