SEP Completes Field Review for Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award in 2018

From October 22-23, 2018, the field review for Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award 2018 was held at the company headquarters. The assessment work was organized and conducted by Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award Certification Office, and a review expert group of eight was in charge of the specific assessment. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong and Huang Chen, and CFO Chen Wenhao attended the event.


At the opening meeting, Wang Yundan welcomed the arrival of the municipal certification office and review expert group, and gave a detailed introduction to the company's historical development, strategy and corporate culture as well as the outstanding achievements gained by the company in building green low-carbon enterprise, multinational operation, technological innovation, capital operation and quality benchmark construction in recent years, future development direction and key measures. Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization made a speech as the recommender for quality award application, and sang high praise of SEP for social responsibility implementation, transformation and development and "going global".



During the site assessment, the review panel judges followed the Criteria for Performance Excellence strictly, resorted to various means including the opening meeting, field observation, group report, group discussion and closing meeting, and carried out rigorous and meticulous evaluation from seven aspects, i.e. leadership, strategy, customers and market, resource, process management, measurement, analysis and improvement, and result.


At the closing meeting, the field review expert group agreed unanimously that SEP is a clean energy enterprise which focuses on green energy, keeps foothold in Shanghai and expand both nationwide and worldwide, spoke highly of the company's advantages in leadership and strategy, humanistic culture based on responsibility, technological innovation, risk control management based on finance, and measurement, analysis and improvement relating to information technology and industrialization integration, and also put forward suggestions for improvement. In the summary speech, Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award Certification Office fully affirmed the company for its extraordinary achievements made in multinational operation as a central enterprise, and hoped SEP to further leverage advantage, summarize experience, share results, and contribute to the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.



Wang Huaiming extended thanks to the expert group for their two-day hard work, noting that SEP will study seriously and implement improvement measures with regard to the suggestions offered by the review panel, and will take the opportunity of this assessment, persist in high-quality development requirement, promote performance excellence practice constantly, attempt to create performance excellence organization, develop better and stronger, and build a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness.


A total of 50 people, including Shanghai municipal certification office, field review expert group, all SEP department leaders and related workgroup members, participated in the event.

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