SEP's DC Microgrid Technical Proposal Approved by Experts

On August 28, 2018, SEP held the review meeting on the technical proposal of DC microgrid relating to the project titled "research on a demonstration solution of DC microgrid with integrated smart energy" and the project mid-term review meeting. A number of experts including Dr. Liu Jingsong, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute, Professor Zhao Wenbin from Shanghai University of Electric Power, Professor Yao Yongtao from Tongji University, Professor Liu Yadong from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Sun Lei, Director of Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute, were invited to the review meeting. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan was also present.


The expert panel listened to the detailed introduction to "a demonstration solution of DC microgrid with integrated smart energy based on an autonomous control strategy according to floating voltage" made by the research group, reviewed relevant technical materials, granted positive evaluation to the research results based on sufficient analysis and discussion, and agreed that the technical proposal, featured with comprehensive consideration and innovative thinking, is a safe, high-efficient and intensive solution with innovation, practicability and profitability. Meanwhile, various experts shared their own scientific research experiences and knowledge, and offered pertinent suggestions on the engineering approaches and future system operation optimization of the solution.



Wang Yundan expressed thanks to the expert panel, fully affirmed the achievements of the research group, and made important instructions. He asked the research group to further improve the positioning and broaden the horizon, meditate on the development of DC microgrid technologies from the perspective of the whole industry chain, make good use of the practice opportunity for the demonstration project to deepen understanding and lead development through innovation, and leave no stone unturned to become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC in constructing a world-class clean energy enterprise.


The leaders of SEP Science and Information Technology Department and related affiliated company participated in the review meeting.

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