SPIC Party Group Member, Discipline Inspection Group Chief Xie Jun Inspects SEP

On August 29, 2018, SPIC Party Leadership Group Member and Chief of Discipline Inspection Group Xie Jun and his delegation came to SEP for an inspection. SPIC Deputy Chief of Discipline Inspection Group and Director General of Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department Jiang Kai and SPIC Deputy Director of Inspection Office Li Yuyang participated in the inspection.



At the meeting held at SEP headquarters in the morning, Xie Jun listened to the work report delivered by SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, and fully affirmed the company's achievements made in recent years as well as important contributions to SPIC's reform and development, production and operation, and Party construction, etc.


In the afternoon, Xie Jun and his delegation went to SEP Green Energy, Caojing Cogeneration and Caojing Power Plant to conduct a field research.


At SEP Green Energy, Xie and his delegation visited the exhibition hall, watched the advertising video on Qiantan natural gas distributed energy project, learned about the technical route, equipment allocation and economic benefit of the project in detail, and examined the central control room and production site. Xie spoke highly of SEP Green Energy for the results made in distributed energy supply.




At Caojing Cogeneration, they listened to the report on the power plant's general situation, production and operation, Party construction, discipline inspection and supervision, and future development planning. Afterwards, they checked 9FA gas turbine unit carefully, and inquired about the unit operation, smart heat network construction and staff management model. Xie highly appreciated the power plant's production and operation, and expressed warmly greetings to the hard-working employees.




Afterwards, Xie and his delegation arrived at the production site of Caojing Power Plant, went to the dock, sea dyke, circular coal yard and central control room successively, and learned about coal unloading situation at the dock. Xie also examined the O&M situation at Phase I and Phase II PV Power Project site. Then he visited the central control room of the power plant, acquired a detailed knowledge of the technical and economic indicators of the units, pollutant emission data and real time data of heat supply, and held a cordial talk with the operation personnel on duty. Xie fully affirmed the achievements made by the power plant in work safety and management development, and highly praised everyone for staying true to the mission and taking initiative in daily work. He hoped the power plant to adapt to the trend, seize the opportunity, and continue with the road of high-quality development.




SEP leaders, deputy chief engineers, deputy chief economists and heads of various departments and relevant affiliated companies joined in the inspection.

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