SPIC Chief Legal Officer Wu Jianghong Inspects SEP on Legal Work

Recently, SPIC Chief Legal Officer Wu Jianghong and Legal Affairs Department Manager Chu Leyi came to SEP to review the implementation of the first person responsible for legal construction and law popularization work. SEP President Wang Huaiming attended the meeting, and the company's General Counsel Wu Ming reported the related work development.



Having listened to the report by the company, Wu Jianghong expressed that SEP has been steadily pushing forward various work of legal construction in line with the requirements of SASAC and SPIC, and has fully demonstrated the company's own characteristics in the working process as follows:


First, the company's Chairman and President paid high attention to the legal construction, and served as chief and deputy chief of the leadership group of managing enterprise according to law and the law popularization work group. They have clearly stated the implementation of legal construction in the board of directors work report, the company's annual work report as well as their respective work report. As major leaders of the enterprise, they have effectively performed the job requirements for the first person responsible for legal construction.


Second, the company's General Counsel has fully exercised his function. Led by him, the company's legal advisers continued to play their critical and professional role in legal risk prevention.


Third, the rule of law has integrated deeply with the company's operation and management. Through overall risk management framework, the company strengthened the prior intervention mechanism by legal personnel, in order to boost international operation and development.


Fourth, the company's legal personnel have been improving their ability gradually. The company trained the legal talent team through project practice, established a legal service sharing center, and constructed a sharing platform for legal professional work step by step.


Wu Jianghong hoped SEP to continue to improve the duty execution of the first person responsible for legal construction and various law popularization work according to the requirements of SASAC and SPIC. As the first pilot subsidiary of SPIC to construct legal service sharing center, SEP should make a breakthrough in the relevant work this year, in order to play a leading role in future propagation and promotion within SPIC.


Wang Huaiming expressed gratitude to SPIC for instructing and supporting SEP's legal work, and pledged that the company would follow the arrangement and requirement of SPIC, continue to advance legal construction in an in-depth manner, and ensure the proper execution of the duty of the first person responsible for legal construction as well as various tasks of legal construction. He also noted that SEP's construction of legal service sharing center would follow SPIC's guidance, pay close attention to key businesses, focus on the company's major projects and major litigation and arbitration cases, and give full play to professional values.


The leaders of SEP Policy and Legal Affairs Department and related personnel participated in the meeting.

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