Wang Yundan Inspects Caojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration Under Summer Heat

As continuous heat waves are gripping Shanghai, the spiritual state and health of the staff from various affiliated companies has become the first concern of SEP leaders. Despite the sweltering heat, the company leaders went to grassroots units successively to conduct safety inspection and visit frontline workers.



On August 14, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan led a team to the central control room, auxiliary control room and repair workshop of Caojing Power Plant as well as Phase II Caojing PV Power Project site one after another, and inquired of the personnel on duty about the unit operation conditions, coal supply and coal prices, equipment defect elimination work, and quality and operation situation of Phase II Caojing PV Power Project carefully. They also brought summer cooling products to the frontline staff sticking to their posts, and expressed sincere greetings and loving care.



Afterwards, Wang listened to the report on related work development made by the power plant leaders in the meeting room. Then he required the power plant to enhance fuel supply and the work relating to development of surrounding areas, expand the market bravely, tap peripheral resources deeply, aim at triple-win of economic, social and environmental benefits, and continue to improve the development quality and momentum for future progress.


Later that day, Wang and his delegation went to the central control room for the power island of Caojing Cogeneration, held cordial talks with frontline production staff, inquired about the current production safety situation as well as the rest and diet conditions of the staff carefully, extended sincere greetings to them, and asked everyone to arrange work and rest properly and complete heatstroke prevention and cooling work while ensuring safety. He also required the power plant leaders to pay special attention to safety guarantee work during the summer peak period, remove all kinds of safety hazards relating to high temperatures, and endeavor to sail through this hot summer with both personal and equipment safety.



Subsequently, Wang listened to the work report delivered by the relevant leaders of Caojing Cogeneration, SEP Operation and SEP Engineering, and affirmed their work. He also appreciated Caojing Cogeneration for making contributions to SEP in all respects, especially for managing to meet the heating demand of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) while confronting unit equipment aging and faults recently and laying a solid foundation for developing new customers in SCIP. The power plant should continue to focus on work safety as always and hold the bottom line of safety tightly, noted Wang. Moreover, he stressed that as a number of tropical storms hit Shanghai successively, relevant companies must strengthen typhoon and flood prevention in order to stand the test of typhoon.



"Thank you for your hard work!" Everywhere he came, Wang shook hands with the employees on site one by one and talked with them warmly, inquiring after their working and health conditions under summer heat. He expressed thanks to all the staff for sticking to their posts in intense heat and ensuring efficient and stable operation of units with practical actions, while repeatedly advising them to strike a proper balance between work and rest, improve self-protection awareness under high-temperature weather, address the challenges brought by high temperatures actively, make reasonable arrangement for outdoor operation, and ensure work safety during the summer peak.


The related leaders from the following SEP departments and affiliated companies participated in the inspection, including SEP General Office, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Production Department, Corporate Culture Department, Caojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration, SEP Operation, SEP Engineering and SEP New Energy.

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