SEP Convenes 2018 Mid-year Enlarged Party Committee Meeting

On August 6, 2018, SEP held the mid-year enlarged meeting of the Party committee in 2018 at the company headquarters, implemented the spirit of SPIC mid-year enlarged Party leadership group conference in an in-depth manner, summarized the work completed in the first half of 2018, analyzed the new situation and new tasks confronting the company at present, and called on all the Party members and cadres to strengthen "four consciousnesses", strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC for the strategy in the new era, and spare no effort to achieve various annual tasks and goals in 2018.



The meeting participants carefully studied the spirit of the speech on SPIC's development strategy and work arrangement for the new era given by SPIC Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group Qian Zhimin as well as the report on production and operation situation in the first half year and arrangement for production and operation work in the second half year made by SPIC President and Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group Meng Zhenping.


SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan delivered an important speech on implementing SPIC's development strategy for the new era and SEP's key work arrangement in the second half year.


Wang Yundan noted that SPIC's strategy for the new era was determined by the party leadership group through deliberation, which has a great significance and profound influence and will become the principle and action guide for SEP's work in future. All levels of Party organizations of SEP should lead all cadres and staff to grasp SPIC's strategic direction for the new era correctly by strengthening "four consciousnesses", follow and serve the higher level strategy firmly in terms of implementation, and propose SEP's objective to become the pioneer and pacesetter from the perspective of specific execution.



In order to implement SPIC's strategy for the new era, SEP should actively change its way of thinking, closely center on the strategic positioning of advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy supplier and energy ecosystem integrator set by SPIC as well as the positioning as a subsidiary of SPIC, stick to comprehensive innovation and deepening reform, and release the company's vitality and driving force, Wang stressed.


Wang required the company to adhere to problem and task orientation, insist on the requirements for high-quality development, base on the reality, continue to carry forward those good aspects which are already in the first rank of SPIC, and endeavor to achieve the best, in order to become a pioneer and pacesetter for SPIC's strategy in the new era. Regarding the existing problems, the company should enhance sense of urgency, crisis and responsibility, improve related capability, encourage experiment and trial projects, and give full play to SEP's pioneering spirit.


Concerning the arrangement of key tasks in the second half year, Wang put forward a few requirements as follows: first, implement SPIC's strategy; second, make overall plan for both existing and incremental businesses; third, leave no stone unturned to complete annual operation goals; fourth, reinforce the company's internal sustainable development ability; fifth, intensify the Party construction and caring initiative comprehensively.


SEP President and Deputy Party Secretary Wang Huaiming made a report on the company's operation and development in the first half year and key work arrangement for the next half year, along with an in-depth analysis on the situation confronting the company's business operation.



In the first half of 2018, SEP seriously carried out the working requirements of SPIC, Shanghai municipal Party committee and municipal government as well as the spirit of remarks made by SPIC Chairman Qian Zhimin during his inspection to SEP, implemented the requirements for high-quality development, overcame various difficulties and forged ahead bravely, with all kinds of work in line with the schedule. Moreover, the operation performance realized stable growth, the quality and efficiency of transformation and upgrading made new improvements, the corporate reform and management reform further deepened, the management level of work safety continued to increase, and the Party construction work also strengthened.


As regards the key work in the second half year, Wang Huaiming underlined the following aspects: first, push forward the implementation of SPIC's development strategy for the new era in an all-round manner; second, go all out to achieve annual operation targets; third, advance transformation and upgrading with high quality; fourth, boost the company's internal reform steadily; fifth, promote scientific and technological innovation comprehensively; sixth, make utmost efforts to accomplish production safety and environmental protection work; seventh, strengthen the overall leadership of Party as well as Party construction.


SEP Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai presided over the meeting and gave a summary speech indicating that all the departments and affiliated companies should conform their thinking and actions to the policy deployment of SPIC Party leadership group, comply with and serve the overall development situation of SPIC consciously, perform due responsibility with firm determination, and make sure to accomplish all the annual tasks and goals.


At the meeting, relevant leaders from several departments and affiliated companies, including SEP Policy and Legal Affairs Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Sales and Marketing Department, Finance Department, Yangshupu Power Plant, Waigaoqiao Power Plant, SEP Green Energy and EMBA Electricity Production Inc., shared their successful experience and practices with the participants.



SEP Deputy President and Party Committee Member Xia Meixing, CFO and Party Committee Member Chen Wenhao, and Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Party Committee Member Li E attended the meeting.


SEP General Counsel Wu Ming, Deputy Chief Economists Zhang Jian and Shi Mingwei, Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng, and major leaders of various departments and affiliated companies were also present at the meeting.

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