Wang Huaiming Inspects SEP New Energy Hunyuan Wind Farm

On July 31, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to the 100 MW Hunyuan Wind Farm developed by SEP New Energy in Shanxi province with a delegation, where he conducted a safety inspection and visited frontline staff sticking to their posts in hot summer.



Wang Huaiming went to the production area including the central control room, booster station and wind turbine generators, inquired about the situation of plant safety management, O&M, management and heatstroke prevention measures, etc. in detail, examined various management accounts carefully, exhorted the employees to keep safety in mind all the time, and presented them with gifts.


Wang Huaiming affirmed SEP New Energy and O&M crew from Dong Run Energy for their efforts made in power plant safety, production and business management. He raised a few requirements for SEP New Energy's safety management work as follows:  


First, SEP New Energy and O&M company should pay attention to the effect of safety duty execution, and all levels of leading cadres should focus on the recent requirements and related matters for safety management and hidden dangers at the power plant, put forward working requests and measures for the problems found during their on-site inspection and participation in the safety events of shift teams, in order to jointly improve working standards and management quality.



Second, strengthen safety management of contractors, strictly control the plant acceptance in terms of qualification review and personnel change management, establish unified regulations on power plant and contractor management as well as working standards, reinforce supervision and evaluation on the duty execution of contractors, and continue to improve and perfect management mechanism.


Third, spare no effort to improve electricity output, study and analyze equipment operation rate, efficiency and related quality management, complete national subsidy application and electricity bill recovery and reduce costs, and strive to achieve better management performance.


Fourth, urge suppliers to solve remaining problems with the equipment within the guarantee period, and enhance personnel training in the process of coordinating with the maintenance so as to grasp the maintenance and repair skills as soon as possible.


During his visit to Shanxi province, Wang Huaiming met with the leaders of State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company, and extended thanks to the company for their support and help lent to SEP's renewable energy development in the province. State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company also expressed that they will provide full support for SEP's renewable energy project in Shanxi province.


The leaders of SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and SEP New Energy accompanied Wang on the inspection trip.

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