Wang Yundan Inspects Minghua Electric Power

On June 5, 2018, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai went to Minghua Electric Power to conduct a survey on mechanism innovation work.


The research closely centered on implementing the subject of promoting the comprehensive reform of SPIC deeply and improving state-owned capital operation efficiency and level robustly. Wang Yundan, Gu Ai and the leadership group of Minghua Electric Power held an in-depth discussion on how to seize the opportunity of the comprehensive pilot reform of "Double 100 Actions" by SASAC aimed at selecting 100 subsidiaries of central SOEs and 100 local backbone SOEs to deepen comprehensive reform, form a dynamic integration of the market demand and the employees' expectations, and stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of sci-tech enterprises in daily work and innovation, etc.


Wang Yundan reiterated the remark of SPIC Chairman Qian Zhimin made in the recent inspection on SEP that the company should take the lead in technological innovation, organizational innovation and management innovation, and asked everyone to study and understand it seriously. Minghua Electric Power, as a sci-tech service enterprise affiliated to SEP, has carried out a great amount of basic research and consulting work at the preliminary stage and has formed the idea and concept on mechanism innovation. Wang agreed with the reform measures put forward by Minghua Electric Power relating to mixed ownership reform, internal innovation incubation mechanism, etc., and hoped the company to further enhance problem orientation, resort to system and mechanism innovation on the journey of "starting a new undertaking", break through the bottleneck which impeded the development, keep track of market trends, cultivate innovative talents, utilize the advantage of strategic alliance to promote the construction of incubation platform, and create an ideal innovation-oriented environment. During the inspection, Wang inquired about the willingness of the company's employees to start up business, the training situation of team/project leaders and the specific ideas on project industrialization in detail, and made comments and instructions earnestly.


Gu Ai pointed out that Minghua Electric Power should play a good role as an innovative pioneer during SEP's implementation of a new round of development strategy, be bold in carrying out pilot projects, grasp innovation elements, and execute mechanism innovation plans excellently. Internally, the company should complete the framework construction through careful designing, cultivate and gather innovative talents, and strive to create the biggest value with the smallest investment; externally, the company should focus on the market requirements, fully release the driving force of innovation and development, and demonstrate the soft power of "intelligent manufacturing".


The related leaders of SEP Policy and Legal Affairs Department and Minghua Electric Power participated in the inspection.

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