Qian Zhimin Inspects SEP

On May 29, 2018, SPIC Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group Qian Zhimin, Party Leadership Group Member and Vice President Wei Suo together with a delegation arrived in Shanghai and conducted a inspection on SEP. SPIC Chief Legal Officer and General Manager of Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department Wu Aihong, Deputy Director General of General Office (Board of Directors Office) Zhang Jinfeng, Deputy General Manager of Strategy and Planning Department Jing Guangxiu, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan and President and Deputy Party Secretary Wang Huaiming participated in the entire process of the inspection.


In the morning, Qian Zhimin and his delegation went to Caojing Cogeneration located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, learned about the operation of 9F-class gas turbine, heat supply network system and other production situation in detail, and inquired about the period for training a qualified central control operator and the training method; at the maintenance site, he asked about the characteristics, maintenance technology, standard parameters, etc. of the units during the maintenance carefully, and held cordial exchanges with the production and maintenance personnel on site.



Having listened to the work report by Caojing Cogeneration, Qian fully affirmed various working achievements made by the power plant, and also praised its operation model and management concept. He required the power plant to complete the information collection and analysis concerning the present situation, development trend, existing problems and opportunities and breakthrough point of gas turbines in China and the world, in order to provide reference for SPIC's planning of heavy-duty gas turbine project. He also asked the power plant to promote the Party construction work and acquire the understanding and support of the foreign partner.


Subsequently, Qian and his delegation arrived at Caojing Power Plant, went to the dock, sea dyke, circular coal yard and central control room of the power plant, learned about the shore power system operation of the dock, coal unloading of the ship, O&M of the Phase I PV Power Project, construction of "June 30" project, blending coal combustion and other related situation, and climbed onto the steam turbine platform to overlook the construction site of the 30 MW Mobile PV Power Plant and Phase II PV Power Project at the power plant.



At the central control room of the power plant, Qian acquired a detailed knowledge of the economic indicators of the units, pollutant emission data and real time data of heat supply, and held friendly communication with the operation personnel on duty. Qian highly affirmed various working results of the power plant, encouraged everyone for their bravery to shoulder responsibility and taking initiative in daily work, and hoped the power plant to continue to seize the opportunity, leverage the advantage, carry forward the fighting spirit and strive for high-quality development.


In the afternoon, Qian and his delegation went to SEP Green Energy, watched the video on the introduction to Qiantan natural gas distributed energy project, learned the technical route, equipment allocation and economic benefit of the project in detail, and examined the central control room, production site and office area.


Qian highly praised SEP Green Energy for the achievements made in distributed energy supply, and called on the company to give full play to its advantage, establish the confidence and resolution to transform to an integrated smart energy supplier and service provider, build an "Internet plus" integrated smart energy base with outstanding competitiveness, and make greater contribution to constructing SPIC into a world-class integrated energy group.



The next stop was Shanghai Expo A-Zone, where Qian and his delegation understood the detailed knowledge of preliminary situation and progress of the Shanghai Expo A09A-01 land plot construction project. Qian required the project to implement various safety rules and regulations strictly, accelerate construction progress, build a good image of the enterprise with safety and quality, and create excellent project.


Subsequently, Qian and his delegation made an on-the-spot investigation on the PRONA smart lighting system located at the office building area of SEP, experienced the smart lamp pole integrating functions of LED lighting, video surveillance, WIFI, micro base station, public radio, one-click calling the police and environment monitoring all rolled into one, and spoke highly of the innovative product.


In the office building of SEP headquarters, Qian and his delegation visited the scientific and technological innovation center of Liangji New Energy, with an in-depth understanding of the three-dimensional holographic real time monitoring and management system, project construction integrated platform and decision center. Qian fully affirmed the company's information construction, and pointed out that Liangji New Energy should adhere to the road of innovative development, further strengthen information construction, pool the wisdom and efforts of all the staff, forge ahead to speed up the implementation of scientific and technological innovation project, and continue to leverage the advantage of lean management.



Eventually, Qian and his delegation inspected SEP headquarters, listened to the overall work report by SEP, and highly appreciated the company's development. Qian noted that SEP is an important part of SPIC with installed capacity of over 10 GW and total assets of almost RMB 100 billion, has been developing overseas projects solidly with a great influence. He encouraged the company to keep up the hard work, assist SPIC in better exerting the intensification effect, and endeavor to play a more important role in the future development of SPIC.


Qian stressed that the Shanghai-based subsidiaries of SPIC should properly grasp the central work of SPIC at present, and pay special attention to the following aspects:


First, study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress deeply, complete the research on the two major strategic subjects of "building a world-class integrated energy group" and "constructing a modern SOE system with Chinese characteristics". Currently, the most important core task of SPIC is to tackle the problem of what kind of SPIC we will construct and how to guarantee the realization of the goal to build a world-class enterprise with modern SOE system with Chinese characteristics. SPIC including its subsidiaries and tertiary subsidiaries should study how to realize this goal in a better way with installation of related procedures and improvement of efficiency.


Second, focus on the two national key special projects, i.e., large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor and the construction of heavy-duty gas turbine test base, for the latter of which SEP has laid a secure foundation through solid preliminary preparation. In the next step, the company should leverage intensive advantage, form intensive management model, and ensure the smooth progress of key special projects.


Third, positively push forward three major international cooperation projects, i.e., Myitsone project in Burma, the nuclear power project in Turkey and the cooperation and development fund project in Russia, and strive to make new progress and new breakthrough. The above projects are among the major concerns of the Chinese government, and thus have great significance on deepening mutually-beneficial cooperation between China and related countries and promoting construction of the Belt and Road. All levels of the enterprises of SPIC should form coordination mechanism and cooperate with each other to jointly advance the construction and implementation of overseas projects.


Fourth, strengthen the development layout of two industries, i.e., wind power and solar power generation, and two regions, i.e., the region including Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Chongqing and Anhui, where SPIC will consolidate existing advantages, and the region involving Shandong and Guangdong, where the group will lay emphasis in the next stage, integrate clean energy and local development planning, promote the construction of nuclear power, offshore wind power and PV power generation projects, establish clean energy production and supply system and create new strength in regional development.


Fifth, enhance the soft power construction of SPIC, which involves reinforcing the Party leadership, improving innovation capability, perfecting corporate governance of the group company, boosting the headquarters construction of the group company and giving full play to talents.



Qian put forward a few requirements for SEP as follows: firstly, strengthen research on major subjects integrated with the central work of SPIC, and continue to follow up and complete related industry technology research; secondly, strive to take the lead in technological innovation, organizational innovation and management innovation, and positively utilize the policy of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government on encouraging innovation; thirdly, study the coordination mechanism between SEP and other Shanghai-based subsidiaries of SPIC seriously, and fully leverage the synergy effect of SPIC in Shanghai; fourthly, optimize and adjust SEP's strategic planning in compliance with SPIC's strategy to reflect both quantitative and qualitative goals, emphasize on developing the top notch brand of SEP, and endeavor to realize the goal of become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC; fifthly, propel the special project of SPIC on heavy-duty gas turbine proactively, summarize the operation model of Qiantan distributed energy project earnestly, and explore and study the industrial transformation of hydrogen energy technological achievements positively.


During the inspection, Wei Suo expressed satisfaction for what SEP has done in promoting heavy-duty gas turbine project vigorously, and raised a few requests as follows: first, accelerate the advancement of preliminary work for heavy-duty gas turbine test base construction and ensure the execution of capacity tariff for the units; second, prepare for the comprehensive reform pilot work in advance; third, complete the development planning of Minghua Electric Power combined with the mechanism and system reform; fourth, study and improve the innovation and creation by staff as well as information application and transformation; fifth, continue to enhance the specific research and practice of integrated smart energy in order to provide reference for SPIC.


Wang Yundan expressed that SEP will follow the thinking mode and positioning provided by SPIC, center on the requirement of become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC in building a world-class integrated energy group with global competitiveness, and strive to live up to the expectations of SPIC Party Leadership Group and submit a satisfactory answer sheet.


The leaders, deputy chief engineers, deputy chief economists and heads of various departments and relevant affiliated companies of SEP participated in the inspection.

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