East China Energy Regulatory Bureau Chief Inspects Waigaoqiao Power Plant

On May 25, 2018, Qiu Shuilu, East China Energy Regulatory Bureau Chief of National Energy Administration, inspected Waigaoqiao Power Plant. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan participated in the inspection.


Wang Yundan introduced the company's electricity development situation in Shanghai, and reviewed and briefed the development process and business operation of Waigaoqiao Power Plant.



After examining the production site, Qiu Shuilu put forward a few instructions on the next-stage work as follows: first, focus on work safety, integrate with the seasonal characteristics and make preparatory work for typhoon and flood prevention as well as ensuring power supply during the summer peak period, draw lessons from a deadly explosion accident at Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Limited on May 12, and plan a special activity themed on "life first and safe development"; second, perform the social responsibility of central SOE earnestly and provide green energy positively; third, participate in the electricity auxiliary service market in Shanghai actively and guarantee the safe operation of power grid solidly; fourth, bolster the transformation and development of Waigaoqiao Power Plant, persist in the main direction of clean energy development and comprehensive energy services, and integrate into the new business pattern of Shanghai and the construction of excellent global city proactively.


The related leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and Waigaoqiao Power Plant joined in the inspection.

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