Wang Yundan Inspects Qiantan Energy Center

On May 21, 2018, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan went to Pudong Qiantan Energy Center to inspect and guide the work.



Wang Yundan inspected the production sites of Qiantan Energy Center such as exhibition hall, central control room, internal combustion engine room, switchgear room as well as the administrative area, checked the ending situation of the project construction carefully, and learned about the employees' working and living conditions at the new office. Subsequently, Wang Yundan listened to the report on the construction and operation, customer service and market development of Qiantan Energy Center delivered by SEP Green Energy Company General Manager Wang Guodi at the conference room.


Wang Yundan fully affirmed the achievements made by SEP Green Energy in the distributed energy industry, and pointed out that since distributed energy industry has a long-term prospect, SEP Green Energy should adapt to the energy revolutionary situation in the new era, focus on the customers' needs, build a first-class service team in the natural gas distributed energy market, and provide good-quality high-efficiency one-stop energy services.



Wang Yundan stressed that SEP Green Energy should grasp the general direction of clean energy development, complete the construction and operation of Qiantan Energy Center solidly, strengthen the cultivation of high-quality talent team, pool the wisdom of all the staff, take "providing green energy" as its own mission, and strive to build distributed energy demonstration project with SEP's characteristics.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and related subsidiaries participated in the inspection.

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