SEP Holds Annual General Meeting of 2017

On April 27, 2018, SEP held the Annual General Meeting of 2017 in Shanghai successfully. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan chaired the meeting, and also present were Supervisory Board Chairman Zhao Yazhou and CFO Chen Wenhao.



The meeting reviewed and passed 11 resolutions including the Board of Directors Work Report of 2017, the Board of Supervisors Work Report of 2017, and the Annual Financial Report of 2017 and Annual Financial Budget of 2018.


The shareholders present at the meeting praised the company's operation performance in 2017 greatly, and recognized the company's general working concepts and major operation goals in 2018 highly, with great expectations for the company's future development.


Wang Yundan and the other company leaders listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the shareholders who attended the meeting, with detailed answers to a series of questions such as the development of overseas projects and the company's operation situation, which caused widespread concern from vast numbers of shareholders.



Wang Yundan expressed that the company will continue to uphold the purpose of value creation and rewarding shareholders in 2018, adhere to the new development concept and high-quality development requirement, insist on the principle of "focusing on development, increasing profit, and promoting harmony", stick to reform and innovation, push forward clean energy development and multinational operation development unswervingly, make sure to complete and strive to exceed the annual goals and tasks, endeavor to become a pioneer and forerunner in constructing SPIC into a world-class integrated energy group with global competitiveness, and reward vast numbers of shareholders with high-quality development and excellent business performance.



The company's shareholders, shareholder's representatives, leaders of related departments and the witnessing lawyer participated in the meeting. In addition to the on-site meeting, the company provided internet voting for the public shareholders via the trading system and online voting platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange, which helped the minority shareholders exercise their rights.

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