SEP Staff Pay Homage to Revolutionary Martyrs Before Tomb Sweeping Day

On March 30, 2018, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan and related leaders of SPIC Aluminum International Trading, SPIC Talent College and CPIPEC visited Shanghai Longhua Martyrs Cemetery in honor of revolutionary martyrs. A total of more than 190 SEP employees including Party members, applicants for Party membership and youth League members participated in the tomb-sweeping activity and also reviewed the oath for joining the Party.



Accompanied by the soulful melody of the Song of Presenting Flowers, the youth League members laid flower baskets at the monument. Wearing Party emblems on the chest with flowers in hand, everyone stood and paid silent tribute to those revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the founding of the People's Republic of China.


In front of the grave of revolutionary martyr Wang Xiaohe, engraved with "Excellent Party Member and Outstanding Representative of the Working Class", Wang Yundan accompanied Wang Peimin, daughter of Wang Xiaohe, wiped the photo of the martyr on the grave carefully, presented flowers and paid homage to the martyr. All the participants bowed to the martyr and paid silent tribute in turn to show their sincere respect amid the flying Party and League flags.



At Longhua Martyr Memorial Hall, Wang Yundan led all the Party members to read their oath for joining the Party facing the Party flag with their right hand holding high clenches as fists. Following the solemn oath-taking ceremony, they visited a series of showrooms titled "Call of Belief", "Persistence in Mission", "Insistence on Faith", "Backbone of the Nation", etc., stopped and gazed at the pictures of the martyrs, precious historical relics and introduction to the deeds of the martyrs, deeply moved by the spirit of the countless revolutionary martyrs who shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for the sake of the independence of the country, liberation of the nation and well-being of the people.



It is the long-lasting cherished tradition of SEP to visit the tomb of revolutionary martyrs before Tomb Sweeping Day every year, which has become an important content of patriotism education for the company, with the activity of reviewing the oath for joining the Party included this year, expressing that all the Party members of SEP will unite closely under the leadership of CPC Central Committee with general secretary Xi Jinping as the core, stay true to the mission and keep it in mind, center on SPIC's two major strategic subjects of "building a world-class integrated energy group" and "constructing a modern SOE system with Chinese characteristics", forge ahead with joint efforts, and strive to accomplish high-quality transformation and development, in order to submit a satisfactory answer sheet of SEP for constructing SPIC into a world-class integrated energy group with global competitiveness. 

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