Qian Zhimin Inspects Tianji Power Plant

On March 28, 2018, SPIC Chairman and Party Secretary Qian Zhimin went to Tianji Power Plant to conduct a research. SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong, General Counsel and General Manager of Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department Wu Aihong, Chief Thermal Power and Retail Officer and General Manager of Thermal Power and Electricity Sales Wang Zhiping, Director General of General Office Wang Zichao and SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan also participated in the research.



Qian Zhimin went deep into the production sites including steam turbine room, Phase I and Phase II central control room and Unit 2 overhaul site, carefully learned about the units operation situation, environmental protection operation indicators and parameters as well as the daily O&M conditions of 5.9 MW agriculture-PV hybrid power project, and held a cordial talk with the staff on duty at the central control room.


After listening to the work report by Tianji Power Plant, Qian Zhimin fully affirmed various achievements made by the power plant, and appreciated the plant staff's spirit of pursuing excellence and improvement. With a better understanding of the plant's situation and its practice of valuing innovation, management and talent through this research, he hoped the power plant to draw on its own strength, apply innovative approach to development and operation indicators, in order to seek better development.



Regarding the next-step development for the power plant, Qian put forward a few requirements as follows: first, integrate studying and implementing the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era with accomplishing fine management, development, transformation and innovation, and proceed from reality; second, grasp the general development trend, leverage the advantage of lean management, improve power plant operation and management, and set an example for SPIC; third, be prepared for danger in times of safety, adjust measures to local conditions with "one policy for one plant" based on strengthening the power plant operation, strive for proactive transformation, keep on creating development paths and endeavor to take the lead in SPIC; fourth, enhance the quality and capability training of leadership members, care for cadres and staff, fully arouse and encourage their enthusiasm, and cultivate innovative talent.


Centering on the research contents of SPIC, Wang Yundan gave a report on sustainable and high-quality development of thermal power generation enterprises as follows: first, deal well with the competitive relationship between coal-fired power and gas-fired power; second, handle the relationship between coal-fired power and system safety properly; third, treat the relationship between power generation units of various scales and power grid appropriately; fourth, address the relationship between auxiliary service and electricity market well; fifth, insist on a professional road, and prepare for the subject on enterprise transformation and development; sixth, emphasize on staff team construction.



Wang expressed thanks to SPIC for its affirmation to all work of SEP and earnest care for SEP staff, and noted that the company will follow the development direction pinpointed by SPIC leaders, implement various working requirements seriously and strive to submit a satisfactory answer sheet to SPIC.


The related leaders of SPIC General Office, Strategy and Planning Department, Thermal Power and Electricity Sales Department, SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Production Department, Policy and Legal Affairs Department, as well as Huaihu Electric Power and Tianji Power Plant also joined in the activity.

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