Wang Huaiming Meets SPIC Jiangxi Company President Xu Guosheng

On March 16, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming met with SPIC Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. (SPIC Jiangxi Company) President Xu Guosheng, Deputy President Li Ting and their delegation. SEP Deputy President Guo Baohong also attended the meeting.


Wang Huaiming welcomed the visit of Xu Guosheng and his delegation, introduced SEP's coal purchase, focusing on the general situation of imported coal purchase and the next-step objective, and expressed that SEP would like to strengthen cooperation and mutual support with SPIC Jiangxi Company in coal purchase. The company also introduced the situation of imported coal purchase in recent years, and both sides held exchanges on the coal purchase amount, purchase structure, coal market judgment, etc.



Xu Guosheng gave a brief introduction to the fuel procurement of SPIC Jiangxi Company.


The related personnel of SEP Fuel Management Department and SEP Fuel Co. participated in the meeting.

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