SPIC VP Wei Suo Visits SEP Staff

On February 8, 2018, SPIC Party Leadership Group Member and Vice President Wei Suo visited Huang Hemin, a retired veteran cadre at Minhang Power Plant, Chen Nianming, an employee at Wujing Power Plant facing difficulties, and Jia Yong, a model worker at SEP Operation successively, and brought holiday presents and New Year greetings to them. Director of SPIC Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department Jiang Kai, SEP Deputy Party Secretary and President Wang Huaiming and Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai participated in the visit.



In Huang Hemin's home, Wei Suo presented season's greetings to his family on behalf of SPIC Party Leadership Group, and inquired about Huang's living and physical conditions carefully. Huang expressed sincere thanks for the caring of SPIC and SEP leaders, and hoped the enterprise to develop and grow stronger. Wei Suo required related departments to provide good caring and service for retired staff as usual, in order to help them enjoy their old age in peace.



In Chen Nianming's home, Wei Suo asked about his living situation in detail. "Over these years, the company has been helping my family and myself overcome many difficulties. I will definitely work hard in return for the company's caring," said Chen. Wei Suo praised SEP's precision help to employees in difficulties, and called on the company to further improve caring and assistance work for needy workers, enabling the staff to feel the company's warmth actually.



In Jia Yong's home, Wei Suo had a cordial talk with him, fully affirmed his work done and achievements acquired for Iraq Wassit Project, and appreciated his family members for their understanding and support for SEP's "going global" strategy. He also hoped Jia to continue with diligent work and play a more important role in SPIC's international strategy.


SPIC Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department, Corporate Culture Department, SEP General Office, Party-masses Work Department and leaders of related affiliated companies joined in the event.

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