Wang Shudong Inspects SEP Japan

From December 4-8, 2017, SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong conducted a research on SEP Japan after attending the third round of dialogue between Sino-Japanese entrepreneurs and former senior officials. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan accompanied him on the trip.



At Tsukuba Ibaraki PV Power Plant, Wang Shudong focused on the demonstration project of agriculture-PV hybrid power generation, carefully examined the monitoring system and construction quality, and praised all the work done to withstand the three severe typhoons since this year. He also inquired about the growth situation of cash crop planted under the PV modules. He hoped that SEP Japan could manage the relationship with local residents properly as usual, emphasize on community friendship and achieve harmony and win-win together with local people. In addition, he visited the construction site of Nasukarasuyama PV Power Plant.



At the symposium held by SEP Japan, Wang Shudong introduced the current operation situation and overseas development planning of SPIC in detail. He pointed out that with growing demand of power supply all round the world, power supply will gradually develop to a safe, clean, economic and adjustable standard based on stable supply, which also represents the future development direction of SEP Japan. He required SEP Japan to make full use of its capital, continue to expand greenfield project development, learn from excellent management experience in the local region, focus more on risk control, and include SPIC's risk control system in its own management model. He expressed that SPIC will lend strong support to the company's development, hoping the company to keep up the rapid growth momentum and strive to turn from profitability of single project to profitability of the overall company.



Wang Yundan noted that SEP will follow the requirement of SPIC, instruct SEP Japan to carry out various businesses as always, and continue to help the company to realize the goal of "develop first, consolidate then and improve finally" and achieve overall profitability in 2018.


Deputy General Manager of SPIC International Business Department Ma Mingjun and heads of related SEP departments participated in the inspection.

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