Wang Huaiming Inspects SEP New Energy Inner Mongolia Chifeng PV Power Plant

On November 15, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming led a delegation to the 40MWp Chifeng Yongneng PV Power Plant in Inner Mongolia developed by SEP New Energy to conduct a safety inspection, focusing on outsourcing project management, two tickets and three rules and equipment management.



Wang Huaiming praised that SEP New Energy has been consistently pushing forward security safeguarding, safety evaluation, intelligent development and box transformer substation protection in the PV power plant. He highlighted a few work safety management requirements as follows: first, carry out hidden danger elimination and anti-violation of regulations in a deep-going way, remove defects, standardize "two tickets and three rules" management, strengthen team construction and shift team construction, and improve work safety and basic skills; second, reinforce outsourcing project management, refine outsourcing project management requirements of the company, enhance O&M team management, avoid the phenomenon of replacing management by outsourcing, unify employment standards despite various project employment methods, grasp the organization forms of outsourcing companies, and implement process management and supervision; third, realize the intrinsic safety of equipment and people, and improve safety management capacity for renewable energy sector; fourth, find out the weak links in Chifeng PV Power Plant, consolidate basic management and enhance operation and management ability.



The related leaders of SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and SEP New Energy participated in the inspection.

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