Wang Yundan Visits Kanshan Power Plant for Safety Inspection

On November 14, 2017, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan went to Kanshan Power Plant to conduct a safety inspection.


Wang and his delegation listened to the work report, and then went to the production site to examine the steam turbine room, central control room, coal pulverizing system, coal feeder platform, desulfurization system, ammonia station, coal yard, coal conveyor belt and basement floor of car dumper room carefully. At the central control room, Wang greeted front-line workers, and inquired about the situation of unit operation, coal blending combustion and emission.


Wang spoke highly of a series of positive and effective measures adopted by the power plant facing severe work safety and operation situation. He noted that the power plant's leading team united as one, led a great number of cadres and staff to carry forward "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit, overcome various difficulties, expand market while strengthening its own quality, and has obtained remarkable effect. Especially after this year's regulation and rectification work, the equipment health condition and on-site civilized production has improved significantly, with profound change in the staff's spirit and morale.



Regarding the power plant's work safety, operation and management, Wang Yundan raised a few requirements as follows: first, study and comprehend the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress in order to integrate with the enterprise's practice, implement into daily work, lead the staff to overcome difficulties and challenges, ensure good virtue and high morale of the staff team, and push forward all the work to a new level; second, improve QHSE system construction, realize the enterprise's intrinsic safety, pay attention to the fundamental safety work in the process of HSE management improvement, focus on enhancing the shift team's overall HSE construction level, and lay a solid foundation for work safety, and include outsourcing team management and execution of "two tickets and three rules" in key tasks; third, carry out the entity responsibilities of work safety for the enterprise, and leading cadres should take the lead to perform their own safety duties, execute supervision level by level, implement safety management in an exhaustive and thorough manner, and make sure that safety management is "doing right things and do things in a right way"; fourth, continue to earnestly consolidate equipment operation and maintenance internally, complete coal blending combustion while guaranteeing fundamental safety, enhance budget management and cost control, continue to optimize compensation distribution mechanism while sticking to "treating strivers as the backbone". Externally, reinforce service and innovation awareness to achieve further development on the existing basis.



Despite operating pressure and challenge, Kanshan Power Plant was encouraged to overcome the adverse circumstances with a positive attitude, ensure work safety, strive to turn losses into gains, and make superiors convinced, make peers comfortable and make employees happy, while SEP will provide strong support in terms of fuel, capital, etc.


The related leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Human Resources Department, Production Department, Fuel Management Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and Party-masses Work Department participated in the inspection.

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