Wang Huaiming Meets Party Secretary of Baoying County, Yangzhou

On November 7, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Guo Baohong met with Wang Xiaoyao, Party Secretary and Head of Baoying County, Yangzhou, and his delegation at the company headquarters. Both parties held exchanges on Baoying PV Pioneer Base and related issues.



Wang Huaiming introduced the general situation of SPIC and SEP to Wang Xiaoyao and his delegation, highlighting SEP's development and results made in clean energy and international business. He expressed that the company will always follow the concept of "Our service leads to your success", give full play to its own advantage, actively seek and promote broader and all-round cooperation with Baoying County Government, and assist in the economic and social development of Baoying County while realizing the company's own value creation.


Wang Xiaoyao introduced the latest development of application for Baoying PV Pioneer Base, stating that the National Energy Administration will determine PV Pioneer Base list soon, and that Baoying will further support SEP in its participation in base development and construction after approval.



The related leaders of SEP Planning and Development Department and SEP New Energy also attended the meeting.

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