Wang Yundan Meets Delegation of China Research Institute of Enterprise Culture

On August 30, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan met with Wang Jian, Deputy Secretary General and Director of Academic Department of China Research Institute of Enterprise Culture, and his delegation, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the key research subject of "Enterprise Cross-cultural Management and Cultural Integration in the Belt and Road Construction". SEP Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai was also present at the meeting.



Wang Yundan introduced the company's multinational operation and development situation, took the overseas subsidiaries in Malta, Japan and Turkey as examples, and analyzed the cultural differences existing among different countries and various areas of the same country as well as the profound impact on project investment and development. He expressed that SEP will actively cooperate with China Research Institute of Enterprise Culture, continue to carry out the research project in a deeper and more detailed manner, and provide more experience for the overseas development of other enterprises. The company will implement China's Belt and Road Initiative, take Party construction as guidance and cultural construction as the engine, insist on "holding together" to lead "going global" of more technologies and standards, achieve precise connection and accommodation, enhance "cultural confidence", stimulate internal impetus and promote multinational operation and development.



Wang Jian fully affirmed the company's cross-cultural management and cultural integration as well as the case studies of SEPM, SEP Japan and Iraqi Wassit Project Department, and expressed that the institute will strengthen cooperation with SEP in a broader range integrated with the advance of research project, and strive to obtain more results.


Gu Ai briefed the general situation of the company's transformation and development, multinational operation and enterprise cultural construction.



After the meeting, Chairman Wang accompanied Wang Jian and his delegation to the company's showroom, and introduced the company's development history over the past 135 years and future prospect.


The leader of SEP Party-masses Work Department and related personnel participated in the meeting.

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