SEP Releases Lean Management Improvement Results

On August 18, SEP held a meeting on releasing lean management improvement results and promoting continuous improvement work at Waigaoqiao Power Plant, in order to review and summarize the company's lean management improvement work, facilitate the popularization and application of lean management improvement results, and comprehensively push forward continuous deepening of the company's lean management improvement. SEP President Wang Huaiming attended the meeting, presided over by Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai.



At the meeting, Luojing Power Plant, Tianji Power Plant, Caojing Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration shared their experience on lean management improvement and released related good practice respectively, while Waigaoqiao Power Plant and SEP Production Department communicated on the development of the second round of lean management improvement, i.e. continuous improvement work based on PDCA procedures.


Wang Huaiming further reviewed and summed up the overall situation of lean management improvement work, fully affirmed the role played by lean management improvement in the company's production, operation and management, and spoke highly of those departments and affiliated companies which released results, shared experience and were selected into the first batch of typical experience and good practice of lean management improvement by the company, with profound analysis of the problems existing in the promotion process of lean management improvement.



Wang made a few suggestions as follows: first, reiterate the connotation of lean management, which lies in finding out the weakness and problems, continuing to solve problems and improving the effect and efficiency of production, operation and development; second, specify the working concepts and methods of lean management,  insist on problem-oriented and target-oriented approach and data statistic analysis, apply the Pareto Principle to focusing on the main problem, have the courage and determination to get to the root of the problem, persist in systematic and meticulous thinking, and formulate a package solution to the problem; third, point out the requirements and objectives for the next phase of lean management improvement work, deepen lean management improvement in an all-round manner, enhance working methods, further summarize and promote typical experience and good practice, and improve performance continuously.



A total of 70 people participated in the meeting, including members of SEP Lean Management Office, leaders of related company departments and members of special improvement work teams, as well as leaders of affiliated companies and special improvement work team members.

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