Wang Huaiming Inspects Waigaoqiao Power Plant for Safety Supervision

On August 17, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Waigaoqiao Power Plant to conduct a special safety inspection with a delegation, in order to comprehensively implement the spirit and working arrangement of the notice on carrying out work safety inspection issued by Work Safety Committee of the State Council, Shanghai Administration of Work Safety, SPIC and East China Energy Regulatory Bureau of National Energy Administration.



Wang Huaiming and his delegation checked the bag filter and pulverizer of the Unit 1 boiler, booster fan of Unit 3 and Unit 4, closed coal yard, etc., inquired about the detailed situation, and examined the implementation of work ticket and safety work handover, duty execution and supervision of various levels of leading cadres, scaffolding works, renovation of handrail and platform works, management of equipment defects as well as rectification of the problems found in the work safety inspection.



Wang Huaiming listened to the work report by Waigaoqiao Power Plant on work safety inspection, the BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen, rectification on the major work safety accident on October 9, 2016 and management of civilized production work, affirmed the power plant's progress made in work safety inspection, power supply security work during the summer peak period and equipment management. He also made a few requirements on this special inspection as follows: first, organize and carry out work safety inspection according to the schedule, implement the entity responsibility of the enterprise for work safety, and complete self-examination and correction in time. Use the management tool of "HSE matrix checking", and conduct special examinations on "two tickets and three rules", anti-violation of regulations, elimination of hidden danger, outsourcing team management, equipment leakage and similar problems due to mismanagement or misoperation, and civilized production. All levels of leaders should go deep into the production site and shift team to find out problems and solve them while performing their work safety duties, so as to accomplish safety work properly and solidly; second, brace for the power supply safeguarding work for the BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen from September 2-6, 2017, strengthen the organization and leadership for the power supply work and establish a special panel to arrange related work, reinforce equipment management, make reasonable arrangement of maintenance schedule, avoid hazardous operation during the summit in principle, enhance fuel management to ensure adequate reserve and complete monitoring, early warning and emergency management work; third, pay close attention to the post-assessment of rectification on the major work safety accident on October 9, 2016, draw lessons from the accident in an in-depth and thorough manner, and finish all the remediation measures by the end of September in accordance with the timeline; fourth, actively complete assessment and rectification on HSE management tools of SPIC in light of the principle of "high standard, strict requirement and actual effect", formulate detailed rectification plan and make clear responsible persons and completion time; fifth, consolidate equipment management and civilized production work with systematic and meticulous planning of treatment scheme, concentrate on rectifying equipment leakage and similar problems due to mismanagement or misoperation, and bring a new look to both the equipment and environment; sixth, accomplish the current safety production work, keep on with heatstroke, flood and typhoon prevention efforts, guarantee coal supply, optimize operation mode and improve business performance, in order to assist SEP in fully achieving the annual goals in a better way.



The leaders of SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and Waigaoqiao Power Plant participated in the inspection.

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