Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization Leader Inspects Caojing Cogeneration

On August 2, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan accompanied Ma Liejian, Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and her delegation to Caojing Cogeneration to carry out work safety and Party construction inspection. SCIP Administration Committee Director Ma Jing also joined in the inspection.



Wang introduced the related work conducted by SEP to Ma as follows: first, integrate Party construction with team construction; second, strengthen fundamental safety work, with solid safety production and environmental protection reaching the standard; third, insist on the strategic layout of "being excellent in Shanghai, superior in China and strong in the world", build a stronger and better enterprise, and strive to construct an innovative international and integrated energy group and modern SOE.



Ma highly affirmed the work safety and Party construction of SEP and Caojing Cogeneration. She noted that Caojing Cogeneration is a passionate enterprise with good performance in various aspects of work including Party construction, work safety and caring for grassroots staff. Meanwhile, she required the enterprise to execute relevant responsibilities in the future, go all lengths to complete work safety in order to prevent potential risks, keep on self-improvement and further improvement after practice. She also pointed out that it is the duty of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization to remind and urge various enterprises to unite their efforts to get things done.


Subsequently, Ma and her delegation went to the production site and conveyed sincere regards to the workers sticking to their posts under the scorching sun.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Party-masses Work Department and related subsidiaries participated in the inspection.

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