SEP Holds 2017 Mid-year Work Conference

On the afternoon of July 27, 2017, SEP held the Mid-year Work Conference of 2017 at Waigaoqiao Power Plant. SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, President and Deputy Party Secretary Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong, Huang Chen and Xia Meixing, and CFO Chen Wenhao attended the conference, which was presided over by Guo Baohong.



Wang Yundan delivered an important speech titled "Appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend, realize value creation and strive to complete the annual tasks of 2017", from the perspective of implementing various requirements of SPIC's "Breakthrough Year", adapting to the development trend of energy industry positively and realizing SEP's transformation and development in a better manner, elaborating in four aspects including sparing no effort to realize annual operation targets focusing on managing existing assets and expanding incremental business, scaling up towards the accomplishment of enterprise transformation goal with attention paid to both traditional and emerging businesses, assisting in SPIC's "corner overtaking" by laying equal stress on domestic and overseas development and carrying out Party construction work comprehensively in order to safeguard the enterprise development. He called on all the Party members and cadres of the company to keep on emancipating their minds, establish "four consciousnesses" firmly, maintain the spirit of plain living and hard struggle and strengthen cadre team construction and echelon ability training, and required all the cadres and staff to remain focused on striving against all odds, continue to carry forward "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit, persist on implementing various requirements of SPIC's mid-year work conference, center on the objective of total installed capacity reaching 13 GW by end-2017 with new energy accounting for 15% and clean energy accounting for 50% respectively, and go all out to complete the annual tasks of this year, in order to greet the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress with outstanding results.



Wang Huaiming made a work report titled "Focus on breakthrough, carry forward 'Three Thousands' hardworking spirit, and endeavor to achieve annual goals", which reviewed the work done in the first half of 2017, pointed out the challenges before the company and existing problems, and arranged the following work for the second half of 2017: comprehensively pushing forward work safety management improvement, devoting every effort to realizing annual operation goals, sticking fast to advancing innovation-driven transformation and development, making attempt to new breakthroughs in multinational operation and development, paying special attention to executing key reform tasks and promoting value creation in Party construction work.



The leaders of Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, International Business Department, Planning and Development Department, Finance Department and Party-masses Work Department gave special topic speeches at the conference.


The main leaders of various SEP departments and affiliated companies participated in the conference.



After the conference, Wang Yundan and the other company leaders went to the production site to visit the workers sticking to their posts despite the scorching weather.

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