Wang Yundan Greets Returnees from Iraq Wassit Project

On June 23, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan arrived early at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, waiting to welcome the return of 12 employees who have successfully completed SEP's Iraq Wassit Project.


As these returnees stepped out of the exit energetically, Wang walked forward to shake hands with every one of them, presented flowers and had a group photo taken with them, filled with profound sentiment towards the company's overseas project staff.



Over the past five years since July 2012, there have been a total of more than 600 staff from 14 affiliated companies of SEP working in Iraq successively. Everytime a batch of workers were going to fly to Iraq, Wang would always attend the send-off party together with the other company leaders, and would reach the airport in person to see them off and send good wishes to each of these workers, encouraging them to inherit the conscientious working spirit of SEP staff, actively carry forward the "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit and endeavor to become strivers walking thousands of miles around the world.


Thanks to the caring and encouragement of SEP leadership, the staff at Project Department of Wassit Power Plant in Iraq developed "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit positively, overcame numerous difficulties, and satisfactorily fulfilled the operation tasks for 4×330 MW oil-fired units in Phase I and 2×610 MW oil-fired units in Phase II of Wassit Power Plant with excellent skills and strict requirements, providing electricity output equivalent of one quarter of electricity consumption in Iraq and of 70 percent of that in the capital Baghdad. These SEP employees demonstrated strong technical capability and good professional quality in the project, which won acclaim from Prime Minister, Electricity Minister and other senior officials of Iraq, and was awarded a number of honors such as Major Project Award and Special Project Award in Iraq. Chinese Ambassador to Iraq Ni Jian praised it as "the embodiment of friendship and cooperation between Chinese and Iraqi people".


Wang and the other SEP leaders went to Iraq several times to visit the staff at Project Department of Wassit Power Plant and bring them with wishes and caring from the company headquarters and their family members. They also celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together with these staff in Iraq beside the Tigris River, making every overseas employee feel homelike care.


The leaders of SEP General Office and related affiliated companies participated in the event.

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