Wang Huaiming Attends Tianji Power Plant Cadre Meeting

On June 20, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Tianji Power Plant to attend a meeting of the cadres.


At the meeting, Wang Huaiming affirmed the work and achievements made by the leading group of the power plant. He noted that excellent enterprises should produce efficiency, experience and talents, and Tianji Power Plant should strive to become the most excellent enterprise in SEP and a benchmarking power plant of SPIC and even domestic electricity industry. He also raised four requirements for the new leading group of the power plant as follows: first, the leading cadres shall perform their duties properly, always place work safety as top priority, go deep to the production sites and frontline shift teams to inspect work, point out problems and raise targeted requirements, and make greater efforts to complete various tasks of the power plant; second, strengthen the fundamental safety production work in order to provide related management experience, continue to reinforce outsourcing team management, HSE management improvement and QHSE standard implementation, and avoid just going through the motions; third, make endeavor to accomplish and even exceed the operation goals for this year, and actively expand to the electricity markets of surrounding provinces and municipalities and execute various policies; fourth, consolidate team construction and youth talent cultivation, and speed up training talents of multinational management and development while training operation and production talents.



Afterwards, Wang Huaiming and his delegation headed to the site of PV power plant, walked into the primary equipment cabin and secondary equipment cabin to check the operation status of related equipment carefully, and also went to the central control room of Phase I and Phase II of the power plant to extend greetings to the personnel on duty.


SEP Human Resources Department announced the appointment and removal of related members of the power plant's leading group.

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