Wang Huaiming Attends Caojing Power Plant Cadre Meeting

On June 19, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Caojing Power Plant to attend a meeting of the cadres, which was presided over by Zhou Rurong, party secretary of the power plant.



Wang Huaiming pointed out that the new leading group of the power plant should continue to carry forward good tradition and ensure to complete various annual tasks for 2017 and strive to outperform the target. He also raised a few requirements as follows: first, insist on attaching greater importance to work safety than management and development, make sure to establish a safety work mechanism that each level of personnel is supervised by their upper level and efforts at various levels are implemented, and strive to construct a work safety benchmarking power plant of SPIC and domestic electricity industry; second, focus on management by all means, make joint efforts with SEP Fuel to enhance blending combustion and fuel management, look inward to keep various controllable costs under strict control; third, formulate scientific planning, positively study the new strategy for the power plant's development under the new situation, seize its own position advantage as being located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and boost competitiveness by way of improving heating supply capability; fourth, strengthen talent cultivation, build a smooth channel for talent growth, encourage outstanding talents to show themselves from continuous hardworking, and provide efficiency, experience and talent for SEP's sustainable development.


SEP Human Resources Department announced the appointment and removal of related members of the power plant's leading group.

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