SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong Inspects Wujing Thermal Power Plant, Kanshan Power Plant

From June 14-15, SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong, Chief Thermal Power and Retail Officer and General Manager of Thermal Power and Electricity Sales Department Wang Zhiping and their delegation went to Wujing Thermal Power Plant and Kanshan Power Plant to inspect work. SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong participated in the inspection.



At Wujing Power Plant, Wang Shudong and his delegation listened to the work report, inspected the central control room of 300 MW heating units, boiler roof and fuel dock, carefully learned about the production situation, examined desulfurization and denitrification management, production site environment and equipment maintenance work, and visited "Technician Tang Bin Innovation Studio" affiliated to the power plant.


Wang Shudong affirmed the power plant's thoughts and achievements made in production, operation and "going global" practice, and required the power plant to adhere in placing work safety as top priority, stick to work safety duty execution, carry out HSE management improvement and basic safety work effectively integrated with the practice of the power plant, strengthen outsourcing team management, reinforce equipment management with higher standards, and encourage the staff to challenge new technology and open up new career with solid technological advantages, in order to complete annual operation goals.



At Kanshan Power Plant, Wang Shudong and his delegation listened to the work report, went directly to the production sites, checked bucket wheel machine, car dumper zone, coal pulverizing system, basement and roof of the boiler, and steam turbine room carefully, and went to the central control room to know about the operation conditions of the units.



Wang Shudong raised a few requirements for the production and operation management of Kanshan Power Plant as follows: first, pay attention to personal safety and equipment safety, intensify equipment management to prevent leakage and similar phenomenon due to mismanagement or misoperation, and conduct in-depth analysis and study on the major defect that has happened in order to eliminate hidden danger thoroughly; second, implement SEP's lean management concept deeply, carry out fuel management from every single detail of purchase, shipping, unloading, collection, preparation and chemical testing and combustion adjustment, adopt targeted measures to reduce fuel cost with greatest effort, and in terms of operation indicator management, adjust operation modes and keep on enhancing the awareness of operation personnel on running the units according to designed parameters, in order to improve the operation economy of the units; third, expand heat supply market actively, and explore the application of coal-fired power generation coupled with biomass power generation and related technologies.


The related leaders of SEP Production Department and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department accompanied them on the inspection.

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