SEP Holds Revision Meeting on 'Work Safety Reward and Punishment Regulation'

On May 31, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan presided over a meeting on revising the company's "Work Safety Reward and Punishment Regulation". Deputy President Xing Lianzhong and Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai were present at the meeting.


The meeting aimed to implement the spirit of the "Opinion of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Promoting Reform and Development in Work Safety", establish the accountability mechanism in the whole process of work safety, and improve the rewards and punishment system of carrying out rewards and punishments simultaneously and holding those violating work safety rules responsible strictly. In compliance with the regulation of SPIC, which was revised and updated in May 2017 based on the execution situation in 2016, the related departments of SEP hereby revised the company's "Work Safety Reward and Punishment Regulation".


The meeting agreed on the revision opinion on "Work Safety Reward and Punishment Regulation" in principle, seriously implemented SPIC's regulation on cracking down work safety accidents strictly and harshly, established accountability system in the whole process of work safety, refined the content of "one-vote veto", formulated the promotion mechanism of rectification on accidents, and especially raised suggestions for revision on increasing the rewarding standard of work safety and clarifying the selection standard of advanced work safety individuals and collectives.


Wang Yundan made a few requirements for the revision on "Work Safety Reward and Punishment Regulation" as follows: first, reflect "doing right things and doing things in a right way", find out employees in various levels who play a good role in work safety and encourage them to do a better job through improving reward mechanism, clarifying reward standard and enhancing rewarding strength, in order to realize value creation; second, promote publicity on work safety, disseminate the regulation through various platforms and solicit opinions, encourage a vast number of cadres and employees to participate in the discussion and revision on the regulation, attract and draw on good opinions and suggestions, in order to bring the regulation to completion; third, focus on mechanism construction, increase the reward standard of zero accident in 100 consecutive days and advanced work safety individuals and collectives, add more slots to work safety award winners, and encourage various subsidiaries and staff of all levels to strive to become advanced collectives and individuals in work safety through establishing work safety selection standard and add special award for QHSE, in order to make all the staff consider work safety as their conscious behavior and improve the company's work safety mechanism continuously.  


The leaders of SEP General Office, Human Resources Department, Production Department, Engineering Management Department, and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department also attended the meeting.

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