Wang Yundan Inspects Tianji Power Plant

On May 23, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan went to Tianji Power Plant to inspect and guide the work, and greeted front-line staff cordially. SEP Deputy President Xing Lianzhong, CFO Chen Wenhao and Yang Lin, Deputy President of Huainan Mining Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. participated in the inspection.


Wang Yundan went to the site of the 5.9 MW integrated smart energy PV power plant  in the rain, walked inside the primary equipment cabin and secondary equipment cabin, checked the conditions of the equipment and carefully learned about the construction and operation situation of the PV power plant. He went to the central control room of Tianji Power Plant Phase II, and announced, "The 5.9 MW Integrated Smart Energy PV Power Project of Tianji Power Plant is connected to the grid!" Following his announcement, warm applauses swept across the central control room.



Wang also inspected the access control system and the central control room of Phase I and Phase II of the power plant. At the central control room, he extended sincere greetings to the on-duty staff, shook hands warmly with every one of them, and thanked them for the contributions made to the transformation, innovation and development of SEP.


At the conference room, Wang listened to the comprehensive work report made by Li Feng, general manager of Tianji Power Plant, and fully affirmed various aspects of work and operation achievements made by Huaihu Coal Power (Electric Power) Co., Ltd. He attributed the achievements to the following reasons: first, they have good shareholders as Huainan Mining Industry Group and SEP give full play to their respective advantages, and draw on each other's strength; second, they have good teamwork, as leaders make themselves as example, and the staff make concerted efforts to create value and experience, which results in realizing profits and reducing net coal consumption rate year by year; third, they have a set of good regulations and management system, with excellent results in shift team construction, team building and safe, stable and long-term operation of units; fourth, they have a good workforce, which provides for SEP a team of management and professional technical personnel who are capable to work, willing to work and have the ability to succeed, as well as a group of talents and cadres who are ready to work hard.



Wang also raised a few requirements on the next-step work of the power plant as follows: first, focus on work safety, strengthen grass-roots teams, basic work and fundamental skills, develop good experience and practice in work safety into work instruction, standard and procedure and promote them inside the company; second, pay attention to innovation, carry out equipment, technology and mechanism innovation, eliminate redundancy, further improve lean management, and thus enhance benefits; third, dare to become the first, strive to occupy the commanding heights, improve management of existing and incremental assets based on innovation, keep on with good operational performance, build an enterprise with strongest value creation capability and maximize the advantage of coal and electricity production joint venture.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Securities Department, Production Department and SEP Engineering accompanied Wang on the inspection.

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