Wang Huaiming Inspects SEP New Energy Caojing PV Power Project Site

On May 19, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to the construction site of 20 MW Caojing Mobile PV Power Project developed by SEP New Energy, inspected the on-site safety management, carefully inquired about the project construction schedule and quality as well as the follow-up work plan.



Wang Huaiming listened to the work report by SEP New Energy on the project construction and schedule control, and noted that SEP New Energy should spare no effort to complete the project in time while meeting strict standards on the safety and quality of project construction. He raised a few requirements as follows: first, all levels of leading cadres should pay special attention to safety, perform their duties properly, and make sure that both guarantee system and supervision system strengthen the inspection, guidance and field supervision on the project site safety management; second, follow the goal of completing full capacity grid connection by June 30, speed up engineering construction and ensure safety and quality; third, reinforce communication with local electric power company, and make sure that the grid connection project work is completed synchronously with the new energy project construction.



The leaders of SEP Planning and Development Department, Engineering Management Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and related subsidiaries accompanied Wang on the inspection.

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