Wang Huaiming Inspects SEP Japan

From April 24-28, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to SEP Japan to conduct safety inspection. During the five-day visit, the inspection team examined Nanko Osaka PV Power Plant and Sanda Hyogo PV Power Plant in operation, and carried out a detailed research on the production and O&M situation since the commercial operation of the power plants; meanwhile, they held a comprehensive review on the soon-to-be-completed Tsukuba Ibaraki PV Power Plant.



Wang Huaiming summarized the present situation of SEP Japan from three aspects and raised relevant requirements.


First, SEP Japan should pay attention to safety management, and the related safety system building should both accord with the existing rules and regulations of SEP and local laws and regulations in Japan. Meanwhile, SEP Japan should strengthen outsourcing team management, avoid the phenomenon of replacing management by outsourcing, and expressly specify safety responsibilities in the contract.


Second, regarding operation and development, SEP Japan is going through a difficult phase of "overcoming challenges and solving problems", and thus should attach great importance to grid connection system, various permits of the government, the assessment of financial institutions and relevant constraint on project financing as well as investment valuation during project development, focus on the depth and quality of work in the preliminary stage, place working priorities on those projects scheduled to commence work in 2017 and go into operation in 2018, and ensure sustained and stable development.



Third, in terms of corporate governance, SEP Japan has entered the fourth year since establishment, and should value system and mechanism construction and process standardization highly, strictly follow the procedures of approval and filing in the course of building up systems, and communicate with the related departments of SEP headquarters in a timely manner to win their support, and strive to realize perfect systems, transparent management and standard operation as soon as possible.


The related personnel of SPIC Strategy and Planning Department, Hydropower and New Energies Department, SEP Planning and Development Department, Production Department and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department participated in the inspection.

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