Wang Huaiming Inspects PV Power Plants in Jiangsu

On March 21, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to the PV power plants located in Dongtai and Laobagang of Jiangsu province, and conducted a safety inspection.



At the production site of the PV power plants, Wang Huaiming carefully checked the inverter, PV modules and switchgear room, and examined the work tickets, operation tickets, and employment with certificates of power plant operation and maintenance staff, as well as the work safety duty execution of leading cadres. He affirmed the safety production work implemented by the power plants, and required all levels of leaders of SEP New Energy and SEP Engineering to strengthen work safety duty execution, carry out local responsibilities, go deep into the production sites and shift teams to beef up inspection and guidance, enhance outsourcing team management, strictly review qualification and quality of power plant leaders, ensure the employment of all O&M staff with certificates, and steadily complete the task of grassroots workers, basic work and basic skills, as well as the execution of HSE improvement. He also called on SEP New Energy and SEP Engineering to organize O&M personnel to reinforce troubleshooting of hidden dangers and elimination of defects, speed technical transformation projects and increase power generation.


The leaders of SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, SEP Engineering and SEP New Energy participated in the inspection.

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